Monday, December 12, 2011


YOU ALL get to decide WHO you all think ACTUALLY had THE UGLIEST Chrismas sweater!!!
 #2 Bro. Sam & Sis. Janelle!!!
(They're married...our youth pastor and his wife)

 #3 Seth...
he didn't feel like spendin a whole $7 bucks at Saver's or Goodwill...sooooooo he JUST WENT INTO HIS DAD'S CLOSET!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
#4 Sheree
#5 Travis
#6 Jonathon
#7 Zach
 #8- ME!!!

 #10- Liz
#11- Shannon
 #12- Delora
Place your vote on the left side!!!
WEEEELLL there were more of us AT THE PARTY BuuuuuuuuuT thats all that participated in the UGLY SWEATERS!!! WHen the voting is over i'll tell you all who I THOUGHT had THE UGLIEST SWEATER!!! Also, one person's sweater isn't really in the contest...guess who's??? Guess who won for the guys!!! Guess who won OVERALL!!!
Click below to see more pics from our party!!!
Thanks for A FUN TIME!!! :)))

Weeeeeeeeeeeellllllll I must EXPLAIN!!! I had figured that SINCE I was gonna do an UGLY SWEATER...I should do an UGLY HAIR DO TOO!!! ANyone Reconize it??? HAHAHA...sorry to make funnnnnnn....I just could NOT resist!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)