Friday, January 6, 2012

Awkward Bathroom moment #12985309485

Okaaaaaaay soooo here in the Philipines, in a lot of places there are bathroom attendents. This is a person that wipes off the counters, makes sure the toilets are flushed, they sell you tp if there is none...they greet you when you come in....the Filipinos are VERY helpful and friendly...they pride themselves in be known as THE FRIENDLIEST Asians and they ESPECIALLLLLY LOVE Americans...cuz we helped them in a war back in the day....
So the other day we went on this went on this river boat tour and when we were done and getting in the van to leave, my brother John gets in the van and he was like, OK...THAT WAS AWKWARD!!! We're like WHAT???
So he says that walks into the MEN'S room and there is a lady bathroom attendent in there...and he didn't see her when he walked in and then he hear's this lady like, HELLO SIR!!! And he like JUMPS cuz he thought he had walked into the ladies room!!! LOLOLOL!!!
And just being her friendly Filipino self she is like, Come on in Sir! WELCOME!!! Mabuhay! AHAHAHAHA!!! So John is like, UH...hi...lololol! So he decides that he should probabley just go into one of the STALLS...LOLOL ...sooo he goes in and he said that the most awkward part is that when he goes in the stall...
She  just keeps talkin to him! So did you like our boat ride sir? Did you enjoy yourself? How was the food? He was like OKAAAAY this is...
Gotta LOVE the Philipines!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 
Mary Frances :)