Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Christmas Loot!!!

Look what I got for CHRISTMAS!!! I felt so blessed!!!

I got starbucks coffee, The book Kisses from Katie, and the two XOXO wristlets from my sis, Crossin in the Sand a Biography about a Liberian missionary and The book the girl in the Dress (About Apostolic Modesty) from my mom, a phone the mass text messages from Joe and Jewel, More coffee and a chocolate baby from Abie, and John gave me a cute jean skirt I had picked out from Savers and a lil money for some hair accessories, my secret pal at church gave me the waaaaay cute purse below, the book by steve and Mary Beth Chapman...which I cried and cried and cried when I read!!! Like I was just sittin there SOBBING....buuut it was sooooo good!!!and a waaaaaaay cute shirt that is ONLY a 1x!!! (Don't be JEALOUS!!!)

I guess if you can describe me from my christmas presents you would say...Apostolic, Holiness LOVERRR, African LOVERRR, Child LOVERRR, Adoption Loverr!!!Accessory LOVERRR, Soializer, and COFFEEE LOVERRR!!!
 I guess you could sum me up as, CUTE STUFF, CoFFEE,  PEOPLE, AND God... 
♥Mary Frances :)