Monday, January 23, 2012

Chocolate Hills!!!

We went to see one of the MOST beatutifulest things EVERRRR in Bohol...its a place called CHOCOLATE HILLS!!! One of my brother's, I won't mention any names, buuuut he was like OH do you REALLLLLY wanna go see them...its just these big grassy hills!!! (He's been there like 7 times!) I'm like weeeeelllll we don't HAVE too buuuuuut it IS one of the Wonders of the World I kinda hate to miss it while we're here!!! HAHA!!! I am soooooooooo GLAD WE DID!!!

When you get there, you can either go up a ramp or these really steep stairs for better viewing...I DID THE STAIRS!!! All 214!!! WOOT! WOOT!!! (I wasn't even that slow either!!!)

214 steps to Chocolate Hills
I JUST could NOT believe HOW BEAUTIFUL it all was!!! I was ABSOLUTLEY AMAZED!!!
ALTHOUGH, I was wondering WHY they were called CHOCOLATE Hills???? Everything was sooooo GREEEEEN!!! They said its because during the fall of the year, the grass on the big hills dies and they are all...brown...or CHOCOLATE!!! And aparently, the Filipino people are more amazed by all the BROWN, cuz they are soooo used to EVERYTHING being GREEN EVERYWHERE!!! LOL I must say, coming from Arizona, I am REALLLLLY glad we missed the BROWN time!!! HAHA!!!
Chocolate Hills spread through Carmen, Sagbayan, Batuan
I was like SOOOOO IN AWWW!!!
When I look at the beauty of God's handiwork...its just like WOW!!!!
Here all of GIRLS are together...THE GINTY GIRLS!!! :)

 Awwwww...they weren't married yet!!! ♥♥♥
My poor cousins...came ALL the way from NYC and I guess they got here like an hour before us and EVERYTHING was covered in FOG!!! LOL They thought it was kinda funny though!!!

I am soooooo glad I had the oportunity too see some more of God's goodness!!! If you ever have the chance... GO!!!

And the view just got a LITTLE BIT MORE ....
BREATHTAKING!!! ;) ;) ;)
♥Mary Frances :)