Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sooo I went to go use the restroom at one of the tourist places we were visiting, and before I walked in I noticed a box thing to put donations in with a sign that said, "For Matienance"  I was like okaaaaaaay WHATEVER...I;m soooooo NOT puting money in there to just use their facilities and just walked on in...

 I was MET by THE NASTIEST, smell i have EVERRR smelt before in my whole entire life!!! LOLOL!!! I was soooooo laughing about the "Welcome" mat though!!! The Filipinos...STILL being FRIENDLY!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
The bucket on the side was to pour water into the hole at the top of the toilet to make it FLUSH!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! AND OMW!!! It was soooo gross in there!!! I can't even begin to describe the smell...I mean I have USED nasty bathrooms before, including the  port-a-johns at construction sights....but MAN this smell...was DIFFERENT!!!
AND I may not have left a donation for the matienance on the way IN...

but on the way out...OMW...

I sooooo felt

♥Mary Frances :)