Thursday, January 26, 2012

God is THE SAME!!!

Soooo of course I know that God is THE SAME everywhere we go...buuuut it was amazing to feel that once again in Bohol!!! It was like I had missed church the past Sunday cause we were in the middle of traveling...BUT the moment we stepped into church the first night there my heart felt SUCH a relief...

When we got to our hotel, we were there for like an hour when my brother Joe called us and said that there was church that night and he was preaching...I was like OH no...gotta get ready...He was like...they said they would be here to pick us up at 8...I was like WHAT??? 8pm??? To pick us up??? FOR CHURCH???  My brother just laughed and said...ITs THE PHILIPPINES!!! You NEVER know what will happen!!! HAHA!!!

I ended up riding a TRIKE over...which was pretty BOMB AWESOME...I must say!!! LOL!
 From the moment I stepped into the church that first night and we started just felt soooo good to be in God's presence once again...I just felt like an overwhelming feeling of feelin God again even though I was so far from home...
Here is the audoriam of the church...its in a driveway...
 This up here is Sis. Wellina, the Pastora, LOL...on the platform area which is inside the carport...
Here I am with Jewel doing some impromptu singing...I was trying not to laugh at first...HAHAHA!
♪♫♫♪♪"If you can use anything Lord, You can Use ME!"♪♫♪

 Sis. Jewille, leading the song service Sunday morning...
♪This is the church, this is the church ON FIRE!!!"♪♪♫
LIttle Miss Hannah playing the keyboard...she is such a sweetheart...both of these girls became my good friends before we left...AND they are BOTH single- fyi GUYS!!!...although...they do have boyfriends...ahahha!!!
 THe girls told me later one when I got back to the US...that some of the other girls were surprised by me...they hadn't expected me to be soooo friendly!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Thats ME!!! I greet people for the first time with NOT a handshake...but a HUG!!! (Females ONLY!!! HAHA!!!)
This here is my sis-in-law, Jewel's Dad, Bro. Britania preaching, he is the pastor of a home missions church in Manila!!! Overall I had a wonderful time at the church in Bohol...NO AC! SWEAT!!! A stray dog walking was a great experience and its GOOD TO KNOW AND FEEL THAT GOD IS THE SAME!!!
One of my favorite parts of the trip!!!
♥Mary Frances :)