Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Soooo we are in the airport in Bohol and I decide to use the C.R. Aka: COMFORT ROOM... the first time we went to the Philippines my mom thought CR stood for something ELSE...She thought thats why EVERYONE was saying CR...cuz we were Apostolic and it was INAPPROPRIATE to say it...I was like REALLY MOM...wooooow!!! Bahahaha!!!)
 ANYWAYZ... I'm in line in the Ladies CR

 And NO ONE can flush their toilets!!! LOL!!! Soooo the lady in front of me comes out and she was Filipino and I think she was feeling some what apologetic seeing that I was American and all!!! Soooo she is like, "Sorry! NO RUNNING WATER!!! You beeeeeeetTTTer get USED TO IT!!!
Soooooooo i'm just like Okaaaaay if YOU THINK...that I am ACTUALLY going to care that I... CAN'T flush the toilet....YOUR LOOKING AT
♥Mary Frances :)