Thursday, February 9, 2012

MJ's story!!!

FINISHED THE ENDING TO MJ'S ADOPTION STORY!!! I'm just like, SLIGHTLY excited about it!!! LOL! OMW!!! Its sooooo AWESOME!!! Not gonna even lie, me and God did a good job!!! Okaaaaaaaay it was totally ALL GOD!!! I honestly had NO idea how I was gonna end it up until yesturday right before church, I'm tellin you all...I had NO idea how to end it...and I told my sis and she was like, "Can't you JUST END IT??? I'm like uhhh..NOOOOOOOO!!! It MUST have THE PERFECTEST, AWESOMEST ending everrrr!!! Because for ONE THING, every story I write HAS to have a breathtaking ending, AND  TWO, this was about MY SIS AND MY NEICE...NOOOOOOOOO I could NOOOOT JUST END IT!!! LOLOL!!! And I just could NOT figure it out which is pretty shockin for me cuz I usually NEVERRR have writer's block and soooo I kept praying and praying about it...LIKE LORD YOU HAVE GOT TO HELP ME!!! And he did...OF duh...As if he wouldn't!!! And it was like 30 minutes before church and it all just CLICKED!!! I was like OMW!!! OMW!!!! OMW!!! I was like SCREAMING and my sis was like OH what are you gonna do??? AND being the ANNOYINGLY AWESOME lil sis that I the spirit of Jac came over me...I said...CAN'T TELL YOU...You'll find out!!!!!! :))) AnywayZ, I just really, really, REALLLLY wanna THANK GOD for helpin me with the ending!!! I think he was just holding back on me so that I would go to him for help and soooo he could once again remind me THAT...
♥Mary Frances :)