Sunday, February 5, 2012

What men like...

OMW! I just read Kendra Thaler's hair testimony!!! You have gotta to go check it out!!! I think this is ALSO a testimony to single girls as to WHAT men like!!! My favorite part:
"I remember the day that I met my husband. I even remember what I was wearing. (smile) It was the spring of 2008. I thought I was cute with my weave and jet black hair. But you know what, he didn't compliment me then. He didn't compliment me when my weave was curled. He didn't compliment me in... my designer jeans and stilettos. 
The very first compliment my husband gave me was when...

I was in an orange and plaid dress, with an orange sweater, my hair in its natural state all pinned up, no make up and my glasses. He told me he loved the way I was dressed and he loved my hair when it was natural. I was shocked. Here was a super cute white boy, who was the captain on the track team, the fastest sprinter at the school, mr popularity, who I had an immediate crush on when I saw him- and he liked me NATURAL?! 
You better believe it girls. Because when you get right down to it. Men like the real you. All real. If he loves you, he will want the real you." (Kendra Thaler)
  Read the whole story HERE
♥Mary Frances :)