Monday, February 6, 2012

Bouquet Catch Advice...

Okaaaaaaaay soooooo...
Guess who DIDN'T catch the bouquet
 at Brandon and Shannon's wedding this past Friday???
YES, that would be ME!!!
HAHAHAHA!!! Sooooo later on I was talking to my youth pastor and he was like, "What's up Mar Dog? And I was like, Duuuuude SAM DOG!!! (cuz thats our nicknames an his wife is Janellie Bean) I'm like, Duuuuuuuuude SAM DOG!!! Did you see me NOT get the bouquet again??? I'm like it didn't even get thrown ANYWHERE near me!!! I didn't even have a chance!!! An you know what??? At that VERY youth pastor gave me some very INCREDIBLE words of advice!!! I thank God that I was blessed with such wisdom and guidance in my life!!! He said...
You don't need that bouquet Mary!!! I was like, I don't??? He's like NO WAAAAY!!!! I'm like oh yeah, THATS RIGHT!!! (I guess I don't!;) He's like, "Mary, what colors were in that bouquet anyways?" I'm like, I don't know, I think just red and white!" He's like, red and white? So there wasn't any black in it? I'm like NOPE, just red and white!!! He's like, SEE...

I was like, Ooooo thats RIGHT!!! I feel the ANNOINTING RIGHT NOW!!! Preach to me youth pastor!!!
♥Mary Frances :)