Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another update!

(This is a text I got from Denae earlier today) Update on Bishop David Abbott: the ventilator was removed this morning and he's doing well breathing on his own. He's talking more and more, and a lot of what he says is really funny. Please keep praying, we serve a miracle-working God!
Also, I talked to Denae on the phone today and she said that her dad was very adamant about his hair being combed. She says that he said he wanted his to be combed and NOT ONLY did he want it combed, but a specific way too!!! LOL! That sounds like BRO. ABBOTT!!!
I remember when we were in the Philippines from my brother's wedding, he bought a barong to wear to the church service their. A barong is the Filipino dress shirt and it is MADE to wear untucked...BUT Bro. Abbott kept tucking his in...I saw a lot of the Filipinos looking at it...it looked soooo FUNNNNY...but he said he just DID NOT feel right about wearing his dress shirt UNTUCKED...especially TO CHURCH!!! AHAHA!!! Sooooo the hair combing...yup that sounds like HIM!!!
I hope all you men out there comb YOUR extra good today!!! :)
ANNNND...Keep praying...his spirits are up but he is NOT out of the woods yet!!!
♥Mary Frances :)