Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday to...

Little Miss Denae Joy Abbott!!!
I can't believe my lil Nae-nae is ADULT NOW!!! Awwww!!! I soooo remember when we all found out that your mom was pregnant with you...we all like flipped out!!! LIKE OMW!!! Sis. Abbott is 40-years-old and she is gonna have a BABY!!! It was VERY exciting!!!
 Then I remember when you were born, I remember it was Wednesday night Bible classes at your guyse's house off of Pima, and your dad was soooo excited about his lil baby girl!!! I remember we were all in the unfancy living room, the one with the deer head, fireplace and also known as your dad's office, and he lifted his lil newborn over his head all high and proud and announced to all of us kids, THIS IS MY BABY!!! 
Weeeelllll i have to think of a few funny stories to share...remember PUDGE??? That scrunched up lookin face you would make? And then you always had to carry around the FUZZ...AHAHA...I can't remember what you would call it!!!?? Oh and lets NOT forget how you were soooooo scared of my grandpa!!! "I don't want to see Grandpa! I don't want to see GRANDPA!!!" And he would just give you a big toothy grin and let out a GROWL!!!  Ahahaha!!! 
Also, I remember this one time, my mom and I were over at ya alls house, and we were helping your mom do something, and I was ironing angel costumes and you and Danny were at the kitchen table doing your homeschool work, and when you all were done, you were like 7 0r 8 at the time, and you turn to Danny in this super-mature voice and are like, what are you doing when your done with your school work today?" And he is like I don't know, Why? And your all like, "Well, I have some running around to do and I was needing you to take me!" And Danny was like, "Running around? Like WHAT?!" (Cuz we're thinkin, what could a 7-year-old, possibly need to get done?!) And you respond back, ONCE AGAIN, in a super mature voice, "Weeelll, its Rocky's birthday, and I REALLLY need to get him a present!!!" (Rocky was the Abbott's beloved, spoiled, fat, but the coolest dog ever, golden retriever) It was sooooo FUNNNNY and CUTE!!!
And THEN this is my favorite of ALL memories!!!! i had spent the night at the Abbott's with Devi, and you know we're doing our teen-girl-stuff...I'm SURE...talkin about guys...since I was there, WE KNOW...thats what we were doing...and Denae walks in, she is about 6-years-old at this time, and she has a few bucks that she is VERY proud of. She shows it to us, THEN she informs us that she is going to hide it, to keep it safe and make sure NO ONE finds it!!!!(We're just like okaaaay whateverrr, we're teenagers, we HAVE PURSES... she is suuuuch a child;)  So she goes into Devi's bathroom, takes the toilet paper off the TP holder, opens up the middle round part of the TP holder, shows us that she is putting her money in there, puts it all back together, puts it back up and then tells us that NO ONE will be able to find it!!!
A few hours later, Denae comes to us sobbing!!! MY MONEY!!! I can't find it ANYWHERE...Its GONE!!! She is like HYSTERICAL...We're just like, ummmm Denae, remember, THE TOILET PAPER HOLDER???  She is just like, OH! Ahahaha!!! She had hidden it soooo weeeelll EVEN SHE couldn't find it!!! BahahahahA!!! I must say, that WAS a very good idea to hide your money!!!! 

Sooooo many memories...REMEMBER  your JOKE faze a few  years back??? And your dream in life was to write a joke book??? LOLOL...I was always your biggest fan on the jokes you know...THEY ALWAYS MADE ME LAUGH...even if everyone else got sick of hearing them!!! :) Now here you are ALL GROWN UP...with two CD's of your own produced...I'm soooo proud of  you!!! (Buy her CD HERE!!!) I NEVER thought that day, when your daddy held you up waaaay high over his head...THAT...
You would be one of my BIGGEST competitions with....

HAHAHAHA!!! J/K! ;) ;)
REALLLLY, I never thought that one day you would be helping me find a man...doing my hair, Sitting together at conferences and laughing our heads off having a grand time!!! I NEVER thought that one day I would be hanging out with YOU more than with your big sis!!!! I guess really, I just NEVER thought that, the lil baby, YOU... would end up being one of my really GOOD....

Thanks for being my friend and for all the good times together!!! Love you soooo much!!! Happy Sweet 18th birthday...and as your big sis told me...and it had BETTER stay a sweet 19, 20, 21, and sweet whateverrr...till the day you get married!!!  Xoxoxo
♥Mary Frances :)