Monday, March 26, 2012

Unbloggable blog moments...

Tonight was BIBLE COLLEGE and OMW!!! THE FUNNIEST thing everrrrr  happened....Bro. Garrett was introducing the speaker annnnnd...I was being a brat to Jac because I had A NOTEBOOK and she didn't...AND THEN OMW...I was wearing a HOT PINK SHIRT...and I think my face matched my shirt...we were laughing SOOOO HARD...buuuut I can't even BLOG ABOUT IT!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! 
We came home and told my sister and she was laughing soooo hard to...she's like WAIT, where was KIM in the middle of all this??? I'm like OOOOO she wasn't musta been God, cuz  me and Jac almost sat closer to the front and THEN Jac was like waaaaait...lets move back a little!!!  It wasn't like at my church...I ALWAYS sit FIRST SEAT, ON THE FRONT ROW!!! BAHAHAHA!!! 
Its at moments like this that I seriousley think I need a ladies only blog or something...bahahha!!! OMW...this reminds me of another unbloggable-blog moment...Ima have to share BOTH!!! I can't wait till our Ladies Of Legacy meeting with our church on Thursday night...I'm going to have ALL the ladies in my church HYSTERICAL!!! 
Get ready LPC LADIES...

Mar Bear's GOT A STORY!!!
♥Mary Frances :)