Monday, March 26, 2012

My driving...

Mary Driving Moments Episode #1
First of all....I just wanna say that I do NOT speed!!! I go EXACTLEY the speed limit OR five under!!! ANNNND I really don't care about alll these people that go speeding past me...there is NOOOOO way I want to get a speeding ticket!!! LIKE, OMW, that would be money taken out of my babelicious fashion fund!!! And like, WHY would I want to waste money on a TICKET, when I can waste it on MUCH more exiting things??? HAHAHA!!!
Okaaaaaay...moving along...Soooo you know all the stuff people say about woman drivers??? Weeeeellll...WHEN it comes to me...they are ALL TRUE!!! AHAHAHA!!! I'm a total airhead!
Fo RealZ!!!
I don't even know how people can multi-task while driving!!! I mean eat??? Text??? Talk on the phone??? WHILE DRIVING??? That right there is some EXTREME TALENT!!! I mean...i'm having difficulty just THINKIN AND the same time!!! AHAHA!!!
Like I'm totally serious...driving is HARD WORK!!! Duuuuude its COMPLICATED!!! Cuz like, i'm used to daydreaming and stuff...buuuuut with driving you have to stay totally focused!!! Normally, whatever i'm doing...whenever I get a brilliant thought...which happens QUITE OFTEN...;)... I can be washin the dishes or WHATEVERRR... and i'll be like OMW...I should blog about this...and I will stop in the middle of it AND..I will write down my thought... REAL QUICK!!! can't do that with driving...cuz if I do... NEXT THING...i'll be bloggin about...IS>>>MY FIRST CAR ACCIDENT!!!
HOW do you know if its YOUR turn to turn???
Your sitting at the light and your like OMW, should I turn now or WHAT??? Here is a little bit of MARY WISEDUMB...When unsure of what to do...the answer is SIMPLE...just sit there and WAIT from someone to honk...THEN YOU KNOW!!! LOL! This plan was working FINE in my mind, UNTIL, someone asked me, WHAT about if there is NO ONE behind you at the light? Then how do you know when to turn? Do you honk at yourself?! LOL...Like OMW...I like totallly did NOT EVEN think of that!!! (I'll let you all know if I figure this out!!!;)
How do you know WHICH side of the street your supposed to drive on???
I mean like in parking lots and little side streets N stuff!!! Now I know this MAY sound is NOT a trivial matter!!! It is VERY important to know!!! TRUST ME...I KNOW!!! AHAHA!!!! AND sooooo...I kept trying to figure this out while driving with KIM!!! She kept saying,  MARRRRRY!!! you gotta stay on the RIGHT!!! THE RIGHT!!! And i'm like OMW!!! How can I remember this????
. all clicked when I was with Kim...and she was tryin on clothes, and she was repeating her pastor's guidelines for modesy, "If its TOO TIGHT, its NOT RIGHT!!!" (CAN I GET AN AMEN???) Sooooo as soooon as she said it I was like, OMW thats HOW i'll remember...when I'm driving, i'll be like, IF ITS NOT RIGHT, ITS NOT RIGHT!!! OR If its RIGHT, ITS RIGHT!!! AHAHAHA!!! Plus, I will then think about modest clothing and dressing RIGHT!!! LOL (Not that I'm havin issues people!!! Bahaha!!!;)
If its right, its RIGHT!!!
Weeeeelll...its been EVENTFUL...lately...I am sure there will be MANY more Driving MOMENTS...I would like to close this post by saying...
There is a new lady driver in Arizona...
she just MIGHT be driving...
 on THE SAME street as YOU!!!

♥Mary Frances :)