Friday, April 13, 2012

What happened???

Even as I write this blog post...I'm realizing the stupidity and pointlessness of it...and how it is NOT in any way going to help me with the whole GETTING A HUSBAND mission...yet...I FEEL compelled JUST THE blog about it...AHAHAHA!!!
Sooooo i'm out chaperoning my brother and his girlfriend Liz the other night...we're walking down Mill Ave and I look down at my feet and I am in TOTAL SHOCK!!! I have NOOOOOOOO idea what happened but they were FILTHY!!!!!!!
I was like OMW!!! This is sooooo DISGUSTING?!?!? I was embarrassed for people to even walk by me with my feet lookin like that...buuuuut of course I HAD to show my brother and Liz....and blog about it...MY brother was like, LAUGHIN...he is like, that is sooooo NASTY...WHAT HAPPENED?!?! I'm like duuuude I HAVE NO IDEA!!!
Sooooo THEN...we look at Liz's feet.....
I'm like WHAT IN THE WORLD???????
We just walked down the SAME STREET!!!

What do you all think...
P.S. YES, I scrubbed them before I went to sleep!!! :P
♥Mary Frances :)