Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jose, do you love me?!

Soooooo I told you all about how MJ said THE SWEEEEEETEST thing to me the other day when I asked her if she loved me!!! Weeeeeelllll NOW I gotta tell you all about when I asked my NEPHEW if he loved me!!!!
Sooooooo I had gotten dropped off at McDonald's with MJ & Jose and spent about two hours there with them...AND you would think that AFTER alllll that Jose would be INCREDIBLEY GREATFUL for his wonderful Aunt Mary...RIGHT????
Sooooo we're in the car gettin ready to leave and I look back at the lil gwapo Jose and I am all like, Jose, do you LOVE ME??? He just ignores me!!!! I'm like JOSE!!! Do you love Aunt Mary???He just IGNORES ME!!! I'm like JOSE!!!!!!!! Say that you LOVE AUNT MARY!!!!!!
.Without even turning to glance at me, he continues staring out the window and responds to my SAY-THAT-YOU-LOVE-ME plee with a, "NO! I'm BUSY!!!"  I'm like JOSE!!!! SAY THAT YOU LOVE AUNT MARY!!!!!!!!!! He yells out...I SAID...
I'm like JOSE, do you want to jump on my bed????? He is just silent...buuuuut I can see he is thinkin about it...cuz i have THE BEST jumpin bed and HE LOVES JUMPIN ON IT!!!! I'm like JOSE, if you want to jump on Aunt Mary's bed...YOU HAD BETTER HOLD MY HAND!!!!!!
.He doesn't say ANYTHING...BUUUUT...the NEXT thing i know...he is SILENTLY...reachin out his hand to me...
I'm like, JOSE!!! You do love your AUNT MARY...HUH!!?!?!? He says,
♥Mary Frances :)