Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Mountain Apart Youth Camp!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay EVERYONE!!! I promised Bro. Andrew Foster like a MONTH or so ago that I would post about THE AWESOMEST youth camp EVERRRR and HE SAID, that he was going to get to SOMETHING that he was SUPPOSED to be doing for ME, the VERY next day...HERE we are over a month later and I am STILL waiting!!! AND i'm not going to lie, i am VBERRRRRY, VERRRRRY surprised that Mr. Organized-Responsible-NEVER-LATE has ACTUALLY been PROCRASTINATING!!! SUCH A SHOCK!!! (Verrrrrrrrry disapointed :,( AHAHAHAHA!!! (Hopefully he gets my VERY discreet hint!;P)
AnywayZ, NOW that we have gotten THAT out of the way, without ANY FURTHER HINDERANCES, I want YOU ALL to know about THE AWESOMEST YOUTH CAMP EVERRRR!!! Its called A MOUNTAIN APART YOUTH CAMP!!! (AYC) Located in the mountains of New Mexico!!! I went the first year and was really bummed that I couldn't make it last year!!!
It has an ABSOLUTELY gorgous campus...REALLLLLY pretty, a pond for fishin...and I mean ACTUAL fish...NOT men...LOL... and lots of FUN activities! I am ABSOLUTELY estatic about doing ARCHERY this year!!! I soooooo didn't get to do it the year I went...cuz I was REALLLLLY sick...You all remember how my face was swollen like HUGE???????? And I remember everyone felt SOOOOO bad seeing me like OUT of it!!! LOL I remember Devi and Sis. Singelton was mothering me AND Sis. Singelton brought me her LAST MOUNTAIN DEW!!! That was really sweet and special and I'll NEVERRRRRRRR forget it...cuz I LOOOOOOOOOVE mountain dew!!! AHAHA!!! AnywayZ, i'm REALLLLLY excited about ARCHERY!!! Woot! WOOOT!
Oh the foood is really good too!!! I remember the PIZZA...who remembers that??? LOL And there is a soda fountain, a salad bar at every meal...yup your well fed! THen at night we would all sit around the campfire and roast marshmallows AND I say RIGHT NOW, that we should have a MARSHMALLOW ROASTING contest...Who's ON for the CHALLENGE???

Of course, the spiritual aspect of this camp is absolutely AMAZING!!! I mean, I know that ALL conferences are good spiritually, buuuut at AYC it just seems more personal and intimate, there is a very strong emphasis on prayer. Every morning, before breakfast, there is a VOLUNTARY morning prayer time in the chapel. And MOSTLY everyone goes, I did miss morning prayer one time...cuz I was like at DEATH'S door...which, now that I think about it...I really shoulda been at prayer for THAT...LOL ANYWAYZ, everyone goes to prayer...cuz thats just the kind of camp it is...ITS COOL TO PRAY!!! :)
I know when people think of what conference they want to go to, they often choose by THE BIGGEST conference everrrr...and you know what AYC is NOT A BIG camp!!! However it is an AWESOME CAMP...and PERSONALLY, I think its great if the camp grows and gets bigger, I hope it NEVER gets be HUUUUUGE...cuz its the ONLY camp I have EVERRRR been to that there was NO groups, everyone just hung out with EVERYONE and by the end of the week we WERE ALL FRIENDS FOREVERRRR!!! It was sooooooo COOOL!

MY ONLY complaint at all about this WHOLE entire camp is that on the last night, when they showed pictures, THERE WAS HARDLY any pictures of ME!!!!! I mean HELLLLLOOOO!!! Puleeeeeeze take pictures of ME!!! LOLOLOL!!! Also, I'm READY to be in ANY skits!!!
See you all THERE!!!
Go HERE for all the details and registration forms!!!
♥Mary Frances :)