Friday, May 4, 2012

A dream come TRUE!!!

Soooooooooooo last week I acomplished a HUGE dream in my life!!! I drove, ALL BY MYSELF, over to Paradise Shadows, the apartment complex where i've been working with the African refugee kids for the last 6 years!!! I have always, always, ALWAYS wanted to be able to do this!!! Last week my sis told me...
 AND GO!!!!!
I was like YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! AWESOME!!!!
Weeeeeeeellll you shoulda seen the kids when I came PULLIN IN THERE...HONKIN THE HORN!!! They like FREAKED OUT!!! It was soooo awesome!!!! LOL! "OH MY GOODNESS!!! Mary's driving! Mary's driving! MARY'S DRIVING!!!! When did you learn how to drive? Who taught you? So your old enough now?! Mary's FINALLY 16!!!" AHAHAHAHA!!!
Then I went into Esther's apartment to bring her some spagetti I had made her, and I was like, HEEEEEEY, guess HOW I got here??? She just looks at me and then is like, YOU DROVE??? I was like YUP!!!! She is like, shuuuuuuuuuuuuut UP!!! I was like yeah, come on lets go for a ride. She was like, I AM SOOOOO SCARED MARY!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I was  like, JUST put your seat belt on girl...PUT YOUR SEAT BELT ON!!!!
Sooooooo THEN I'm gettin ready to leave and MIRIAM comes over!!! NOW Miriam is the, craZiest, LOUDEST, trouble-makin girl EVERRRR and I sooooooooo LOVE her!!! LOL! Weeeellll she sees me driving and she is like, OH MY GOODNESS!!! YOU DRIVE???? I'm like YUP!!! She gets this HUGE grin on her face and is like, OOOOOH GIRRRRL..Me and you are gonna be hanging out ALL the time now!!! She's like shopping, the mall, your house, the pool, WHERE WE GOING MARY??? I was like,

She's like OH,
"I just KNEW you were gonna say THAT!!!"
(Ahahahahaha!!! I'm glad she KNOWS ME!!! :)
AnywayZ, my NEXT goal is to have MY OWN mini van to start picking the kids up MYSELF!!! I'm going to start saving up after the summer!!! OH MAN!!! I can't wait to have it and to START fillin it up!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)