Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blessed...soooooooo BLESSED!!!

My sister was talking to me about something recently and she was just like, Come on Mary, EVERYTHING is just FUNNER when YOU GO!!! And I was just like, AWWWW!!! Then as I was driving home today from visiting Esther at the hospital, I got to thinking...ANNND I had a thought...I get the most BRILLIANT thoughts while drivin...
AND I was driving, thinkin about WHAT my sister said, I thought to myself, You know, I AM BLESSED!!! Very, very, VERY BLESSED!!! I have something that NOBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD has. I AM ME!!! There are people that enjoy and LOOK FORWARD TO BEING WITH ME...thats soooo AWESOME...BUUUUUT as much as I would like, I can't ALWAYS be with EVERYONE...ALL THE TIME!!!
 because I am ME... I have the blessing, the HONOR, the opportunity AND the priviledge of BEING THE ONLY PERSON, in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD (Aside from God) THAT always, always, ALWAYS...

THINK ABOUT IT...its true...don't be JEALOUS!!!
(See I told you I have brilliant thoughts while driving!!!;)
♥Mary Frances :)