Sunday, June 3, 2012


Oh TWO QUESTIONS!!! Does anyone know about the parking? Do we have to pay or is there assigned parking or WHAAAAAAAT???? I remember last time OTC was at ASU WEST there was this HUGE ORDEAL with the parkin and everyone was getting tickets and I sooooooooo do NOT want a ticket...Ugh...I don't want to taint my PERFECT driving record!!! ;)

Second question: Does anyone know which night is the youth thingy? One year I remember it was EVERY NIGHT...that was AWESOME!!!

OMW!!! I am soooooooooooo EXCITED!!! I just found out THAT, Daisy Valez, Alahondra Baca, Rocky Valez ANNNNNNNNNNND Sambra Moore are staying with me for OLD TIME CAMP MEETING!!!!!!!!
Annnnnnnd MY SISTER is going to let me use her van so I can go to ALLLLL the services ANNNNND when he isn't working and can go, Stultz is going to be our CHAUFFER!!! LOL Weeeellll I offered that we could just car pool since he is my neighbor...HAHA!!! Or I guess my mom's neighbor...he was my neighbor till I moved out but he is still only like two minutes away!!!
AnywayZ, we have soooooooo many plans already made for us girls and I'm like preparing a menu already and cookin up a STORM and we're gonna go swimming and like yeah be hyper and stuff!!! HAHAHA!!! ANNNNNNNNNNND anyone who rides with me...we can't be late...I HATE BEING LATE....... annnnnd I hope you all don't take a long time to get ready for church cuz it ONLY takes me 30 minutes MAX!!!
♥Mary Frances :)