Monday, June 4, 2012

A Mountain Apart Youth Camp Part 1

Okaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo the whole entire trip STARTED OUT with someone having a magor blond moment, buuuuuut that alone in itself is soooooooo FUNNNNY i'm gonna save it for its OWN POST!!! AHAHAHA!!! SOoooooo Sunday night Bro. Sam called us all in for a meeting and it was sooooo funny cuz it took like 15 minutes to get everone gathered in for the meeting and FINALLLLY when everyone gets in there Bro. Sam is like, okaaaaaaaay well, everyone get to the church at 4 am Tuesday morning and I think thats it!!! HAHAHA!!
 So then we're all asking how long of a ride it is and he says he thinks its about 8 hours and I was like, YEAH, 8 hours for NORMAL PEOPLE...I can tell you right now that that does NOT apply for LPC!!!!!!!!
 Sooooooo yeah we're all just driving along for a few hours and I was like outta it SLEEPIN and THEN all of the sudden like OMW in my sleep I could feel the van just going DOWN and my heart like dropped and flipped and I was still soooooo out of it and then my head went shooting up and I hear people sayin, the tire, the TIRE and in my half a sleep mind I just thought, OMW I JUST BROKE THE TIRE!!!!! And everyone was like MARY, why would you think that YOU broke the tire??? I'm like you all do NOT know HOW MANY THINGS I HAVE BROKEN IN MY LIFETIME!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
 Soooooooo the guys were all soooo many and buff and changed the tire for us while the girls stood around and took pictures!!! Awwww thanks LPC men for being soooo manly!!! :]
 Me and MacKenzie, I sat with her the whole trip both ways and by the end me and her are TOTAL BUDS!!! Awwwwwwww she is soooo sweeeeet!!! I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVE HER!!!
Chillin by the campfire....
 My COFFEE at Breakfast kinda making a mess buuuuuut...oh coffee, coffee, OH how Mar Bear does LOOOOOVE THEE!!! LOL Then I discovered putting my coffee with some HOT make a JaMocha...annnnnnnnd OH MAN God is GOOOOOOD!!!
The campgrouds was sooooooooooooooooooo pretty for pictures...of course I kinda sorta got some...;) and TRUST me soooooo many more to come
Btw- I am absolutely in LOOOOOOOVE with this skirt...a Ross find!!!
At the shooting range...Joe is my personal oppinion...just a littttttle TO EXCITED about shooting a GUN!!!!!!! LOLOLOL Weeeeelll aparently he goes shooting all the time and was really happy about the free bullets!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
 Me lookin like an adorable DORK gettin ready to shoot...I just now see JOE MOMMA snuck into my picture
 Here I am...YES I am shooting a gun with heart-shaped-glasses!!! LOL
 Ooooooo watch out...Classic Mary Moments has a GUN!!!
 This guy felt like I needed HELP...LOL...He was pretty nice tho and I was walkin down this rocky incline and he offered me his hand...I was like OMW I hope I don't get in trouble for the NO PHYSICAL CONTACT RULE!!!!! HAHAHA!!!
ACTUALLY I think EVERYONE was breaking that rule with handshakes...Next year I think we should ALL go to AIR shakes...for spiritual purposes...LOL! (J/k! J/K!)
Denae and her ADORABLE little puppy!!!
 Slinky and the Shelton/Sheldon girls(Not sure the spelling of their last name)
 This group of kids was soooo funnny!! I was sitting inside taking a picture of myself  and Brendan was like Oh, your gonna put that on your blog...I was like whaaaaaaaaaaat...YOU read my blog??? He was all like, YEAH and this other girl was like I do too and then the Sheldon girls were like Oh you have a blog? And Slinky was like, YOU GUYS didn't know that Mary has a blog?! And then they were like EVERYONE knows about her blog and I was like awwww you kids are soooo sweeeet!!! I thought that was soooo CUTE!!! LOL (Thanks for reading my blog people!)
 Sergio IRONING HIS CLOTHES...having a blond moment...can't figure out WHY the wrinkles aren't coming out!!! LOL
 Okaaaaay soooo this is Vanessa Sheldon ANNNND she is sooooo awesome BECAUSE she thought that i was 15-YEARS OLD!!! I was like OMW I looooooooooooooovvvvve you!!!! We are soooooo getting a picture together and I'm BLOGGING about this!!!
And then it was funny cuz her sister was like NOOOO she has to be older than 15 cuz Selena just said that she was the best Sunday School teacher ever and if she was her teacher she has to be older like........18!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like OMW!!! I'll take 18 too!!! LOLOLOL
Here is Alahondra soaking wet after falling out of the paddle boat into the world's most disgusting lake everrrr!!! ANNNNND she huggged ME!!! Ewwwwwwww!!!! LOLOLOL!!!
OMW VOLLEY BALL was such a blast...I was an AMAZIN player...bahahahaha!!! Okaaaaaaaay soooo everytime I would serve the ball and make points for our team I would like get sooooo excited I would like scream and to a happy dance...soooo I was told that I shouldn't like get sooooooo excited and JUST serve the ball cuz if I bragged I was gonna MISS it the next time and YEAH SURE ENOUGH....
 Soooo HERE I AM...Serving the ball in a SPIRIT OF HUMILITY!!! It was really funnnny...I was like, I SERVE THIS BALL IN TOTAL HUMILITY and then I hit and the ball did this like messed up, totally crooked and in the opposite direction fly...I was like, SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I'm HUMBLE!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!
Buuuuuut...yeah...I got taught some volley ball moves and I think MAYBE...i've improved a little bit...we'll see this next week...if I haven't already forgotten everything! I know we STILL gotta work on my DIRECTION!!! HAHA!!!
 My awesome youth pastor, his beautiful wife and ADORABLE BABY!!! I love them!!! :)Heeeey if you all havn't read Bro. Sam's testimony you can do so HERE!!! Its sooo AWESOME what God can do!!!
Weeeeeeelllll....I will for sure have some more posts about A Mountain Apart Youth Camp...this post doesn't even begin to cover it....buuuuuuuuuuuut I just wanted to get a little something up for everyone that has been askin to see pics...Last night when testified about it at church I couldn't even SHUT UP talkin about the services!!! I'm telling you all, the preaching was LIFE CHANGING!!! sooooooo yeah...prepare for MORE...much, much, MUCH MORE!!!

♥Mary Frances :)