Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chick-fil-A SHOUT OUT!!!

Soooo with all the companies that are starting to support gay marriage and homosexuality in general, its just plain DISGUSTING!!! Annnnd...our first reaction has ALWAYS been ok, if they support this then we won't go there anymore. BUUUUUT the companies that are supporting gay marriage are becoming more and more common!!! JC Penny's, Starbucks, Disney...just to name a FEW...buuuut...there are even streets that support it...Prettty sooon if we try to boycott all of them we will have to live locked up in our homes or in convents!!! LOL!
 SOOOO while we MAY not be able to avoid ALL OF THEM no matter how much we TRY.... We can't AVOID everyone in general...buuuut we can support those that do take a stand!!! Show your support AUGUST FIRST!!! CHICK-FIL-A, a Christian based organization, is one of the first companies to take a STRONG, STRAIGHT UP STAND AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE!!!
Just another of the many reason I LOVE Chick-fil-a! #chickfila

Chick-Fil-A is also one of the ONLY food industries that closes on Sundays in order to give GOD GLORY!!! How totally AWESOME is that?!?! People are in an absolute UPROAR about the stand that Chick-Fil-A has taken...the mayor of NYC is even saying that he will NOT let them open a resturaunt there that was going to be THE FIRST chick-fil-a in NEW YORK!!! (Not feelin all that proud to be a Native New Yorker at the moment!!!:( 
People are mad...buuut you know what...GOD IS GLAD!!! I was in chick-fil-a JUST YESTURDAY for lunch after VBS at my church, and the place was BUMPIN with business!!!! We could hardly even find seats!!! For all you AIO fans, and I don't have to say what AIO stands for, cuz if your a fan, YOU KNOW, Chick-fil-a is also an AIO supporter and has even in years passed given out episodes for them in their kids meals!!! How waaaaay cool is that???
So instead of trying to FIND ALL THE PLACES we need to avoid, lets try focusing really strong on ONE PLACE we can show our support!!! Next time you want fast food...WHY NOT CHICK-FIL-A??? (Or Chick-a-FIL ANALI!;) 
 PEOPLE GO!!! EVEN if you think their sandwhiches tast like PICKLES!!! *Evil glares at Hanna and Anali!!! (Try orderin a sandwich with NO PICKLES...heeeeey now theres a good idea!!! HAHA!!!) Also, if you havn't tried their banana pudding milkshake, 700 calories of deliciousness!!! LOLOLOL!!!

♥Mary Frances :)