Friday, July 27, 2012

What Mar means in Amharic...

Okaaaaay sooooo...When Hanna and Anali were here, we were having a discussion about my nickname,
Also, people just call me Mar too...Mar, Mar-Mar or Mar Bear...
Now you may have difficulty understanding this, since you can't ACTUALLY hear me talking, buuuut...Anali was like, so why is your nickname Mar Bear?! And she prounounced Mar like the way you would prounounce bar, in candy bar.
Now people mistake Mar when they see it ALL the time, so I just explained it to her. No, no, its NOT Mar, like bar, its Mar, like the first part of my name without the Y. Mar, prounounced like Mer, from MERRY Christmas. So Anali is like OH ok and she gets it...MAR BEAR!!! :)
So Hanna is sitting there and she is like, WELL, in Amharic, which is the Ethiopian language, Mar, not sure of the exact spelling, buuuuuut MAR, prounounced like Bar, ACTUALLY means HONEY!!! So Mar Bear, prounounced WRONG actually means...
NOW you can't tell me thats NOT GOD!!!
Mar Bear... HONEY BEAR!!! Think about it, HONEY BEAR!!! That fits me EXACTLEY!!! Cuz i'm sweet and fluffy and soft and CUDDLY!!! (I'm purrin right now...those of you that KNOW ME...KNOWS what that means;) Awwwww...THANK GOD FOR AMHARIC!!!  Mar...its probabley the ONLY word i'll everrrrr learn, BUUUUT honestly, is there ANY OTHER WORD that I would need?!?! I think NOT!!! ;)
So HOWEVER you say Mar Bear, EITHER WAY IS FINE NOW!!! Or you can even JUST call me HONEY BEAR!!! :) Annnnd if your handsome enough, and on-fire-for-God ENOUGH, feel free to just straigh up call me...
MAR!!! ;)
(Pronounced like BAR!!!:]
♥Mary Frances :)