Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ethiopian Dinner!!!

Soooo aside from giving me a really pretty Ethiopian scarf and my waaaaaaay awesome Ethiopian purse...
Isn't that like THE AWESOMEST purse everrr??? Pure leather ...sturdy... cute... ETHNIC... hahaha...and NO other girls at Heritage had a purse like mine...waaaaaaaaaay better than COACH!!! Woot! Woot!!!
AnwayZ, aside from that gift, Hanna took me and Anali to an Ethiopian resturaunt for our birthday dinners. (Anali's birthday was in DECEMBER...LOL!)
We went to a place in Tempe called Cafe Lalibela...
Hanna ordered us a combo plate that feeds 3 people buuuut I think we definatley could have split it amongst four people!!! It was soooooooooo GOOD!!! I absolutley LOOOOOVED IT!!! My sister wasn't exactley gung-ho about it...sooooo if anyone ever wants to go with me...let me know!!!! Check it out HERE!!!

 I think THE BEST part was we just used our hands to eat!!! HOW TOTALLY AWESOME IS THAT??? Hanna was like, Oh you can ask for silverware if you want, its NO big deal!!! I was like, ummmm...NOOOOO WAAAAAAAY!!! I'm EATING WITH MY HANDS!!! (I like being Ethnic...haha!!!:) Actually, what you do is scoop the food up with this really thing, spongey like bread...looks kinda like a tortilla really thin but kinda spongey and tastes kind of like a light sourdough...soooo GOOD!!!
Annnnd then I made everyone die laughing cuz I would go around the plate trying the different stuff and then ask Hanna what it was and she was like, OH that was lamb...and I didn't even freak out of NOTHING...I was just like, OH was GOOD!!! Theeeeeeen...
I scooped up some more and informed everyone...OH LOOK...
♪Mary had a little Lamb!!!♫♪♫
(My sister said i'm creepy...and I can't remember his exact words buuuut thats basically what Hanna's lil brother said too when I told him on the phone!!!! LOL!)
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay sooooo then came THE FUNNIEST moments of all!!! We're sitting there talkin about our last name and Hanna is like, is it Ginty or Jinty? And i'm like, No its GINTY!!! And Hanna says, oh yeah thats what my dad said, that he thought it was Ginty and I'm like, YES! Your dad was right, its GINTY!!!! So my niece MJ, who's last name is also Ginty, is sittin there nonchalantly and with a totally straight face she is like, OH, so IT IS GINTY?!?!?! I don't if you can understand JUST how funny it was at the moment!!! Buuuuut we were all like HYSTERICAL!!! It would be like Hanna saying, OH so it IS Kifle?! Or Anali saying OH sooo it IS Villasenor?! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Soooo we're like ALMOST done laughin at that when ALL of the sudden my sister just looks at me in like HORROR...I'm like WHAAAAAAAT???? She is like,
I looked and COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! Their was NOTHING on my shirt...just all over my purse...OMW!!! We laughed soooo hard I seriousley think I choked...(or maybe it was when I was tryin to explain to Hanna and Anali the Italian word for black people that I choked...bahaha!!!NO really I ACTUALLY CHOKED in my room...water went flyin everywhere... cuz its the Italian word for Eggplant and my mom had made eggplant parmesian for dinner...LOLOLOL!!!) (I know...weird!)
Overall it was a GRAND time and I have decided I LOVE Ethiopian food...buuuuut Hanna said that was NOTHING compared to her mom's cookin!!! I guess one day when I experiance Oakland, i'll get to experiance THE REAL DEAL of Ethiopian cusine!!! (Actually, maybe I can get some Ethiopian cookin lessons...OOOO!!!)
♥Mary Frances :)