Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of july

Heeeeey everyone I'm bloggin from lorraines iphone in south Carolina I just wanted tell everyone happy 4th I hope everyone had a fun day we hav been havin a good time here we ate at this really good place called sticky fingers they hav the no best potato salad lol so I'm really bummed cuz this ghetto hotel dnt got Internet on. O computer I'm gonna use the Internet cafe on the cruise I hav to I looooove writing and I miss not doing it lol ok so today we went to the boone plantation it was really pretty Annnnd the historical aspect was really interesting and it's weird heArin these people from the south talk about slavery I was soooo ready to get into it with the tour chick well I'll blog about it I just cant believe the ignorance of people ok and then this evening we went to waterfront park I had such a good time playin in the water and then we saw fireworks and we had peanut butter chocolate gElato mmmmmm k weeeelll I'll be boarding the ship at 12pm 9am az time if the boat sinks see you all in heaven ♥Mary Frances :)