Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chocolate Baby Lovin!!!

Soooo when my grandson Phletcher was born, he was pretty vanilla-carmel lookin, I was like WHAT???? Like wheres the chocolate??? Hahaha!!! Weeeeellll... the day I was taking my Phletcher home from the hospital, I hadn't seen him in several days and the head nurse comes walking over to me and she is like, OH are you Mary? So I'm like oh yeah thats me, and she is like ok well we have Phletcher all ready for you to take home and I was like ok and I look at the baby in her arms and its like TOTALLY WHITE!!! Like STRAIGHT UP VANILLA!!! I was like WHAAAAAAT??? My grandbaby got even WHITER???
Sooooo I don't say anything to the head nurse, but I think I may have looked kind of surprised and she is just like, Oh and Phletcher is right HERE...and she points to another lil baby annnnnd I'm like OOOOOOOOO and I go over and look AND there is my beautiful lil grandson... lookin all good and CHOCOLATELY!!!!! I was soooooooo HAPPY!!!
(My friend Hanna explained to my vanilla self, that chocolate babies don't get their color right away and that you can tell how dark they will be by the color they are on the tips of their ears. I was like OH COOL!)And that night when I brought him to church my youth pastor and his wife were holding him and I was like telling them he is getting MORE CHOCOLATEY than when he was first born. And Bro. Sam says,
 God just keeps pouring in that chocolate syrup!!!
And as far as I'm concerned...
Wooooot! WOOOOOT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)