Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Heritage Pictures!!!

Here is an OVERVIEW of Heritage trip through my pictures...there is MORE pics...buuuut this is the best stuff and the main highlights!!! (Anali's commentary HERE!!! LOL!)
Hanging out with HANNA...somehow meant going to Starbucks...EVERYDAY!!! LOL!
For some reason i just felt the NEED to take this picture!!! AWWWWW...LOL!
Anali, Hanna and my mom...they got to experiance her cooking and they told me to make sure she came back over to say goodbye...cuz she is sooooo fun to talk to and has the best stories!!! (Wonder where I get it from???)
Anali yells out OREO for this picture...PEANUT BUTTER OREO...BAHAHA!!!
Then I was like, I'm JEALOUS...I wanna be the cream in an oreo too!!! Jayne's like, don't worry, Hanna and I will MAKE SURE you get your OREO picture before the trip is over!!!
Repackin....cuz the van was soooo loaded down...bahahha...some of us were helping...some of us were just chillin...and SOMEONE was takin pics!!! LOLOL!!!
On our way to Heritage...lookin...all ETHNIC...that was the quote of the week...bahahaha...
"You look sooooooo ETHNIC!!!"

Hanna being spiritual...the rest of us were too busy being "ethnic" and jammin it out to black gospel!!!
Wearin my "Ethnic" shirt..."If you see da' police...Warna brotha!"
Awwwwwwwwwwww I love these girls sooooooo much and miss them!!!
After church Wednesday night...Andrew told me that he needed to talk to me about something...soooo I'm like okaaaaaaaaaaay....and I'm following him around Chick-fil-a annnnd the NEXT thing I know he is announcing to EVERYONE that it is my 29th birthday...for once in my life i was ACTUALLY COMPLETLEY SURPRISED... and everyone starts screaming and cheering and THEN they sing to me and stuff...it was pretty COOL!!! :)
Btw- Everyone...can YOU BELIEVE that Hanna and Anali, who do NOT have Chick-fil-A in Cali, (or should I say Chick-A-Fil Anali?!;) were NOT impressed by the deliciousness of this place??? They said it was because they had been soooooo IMPRESSED with MY COOKIN...AHAHA...NIIIIICE!!! :)
Liz...just being her cool, calm and collected self and jus chillaxin!!!
Me and Jayne with her natural hair and "Ethnic" outfit...ahahahaha!!!
Jayne just looking straight up...BEAUTIFUL!!!

I was VERY proud of Hanna's hair...I had done it the Sunday before at our church and even had a dream I was braggin about it to EVERYONE!!!
Anali's like OOOOOO MARY!!! Now you have OFFICIALLY been iniciated into the black world!!! My sister is like, Ummm...I think Mary was iniciated in a loooooonnnng time ago!!!
Hanna's like, YEAH...like since... BIRTH!!! AHAHAHA!!! This is TRUTH people!!!
Jedidah...YOOOHOOOO...would you please move your truck so we can go to church??? LOL Heeeey Wendy... EMAIL ME!!!
Hanna, Danae, Wendy, Christine, Anali
Just us girls...LOOKIN GOOD!!!
Bumpin it on the way to church...
NO! NO!!! No-no! NO-NO! No-no-no! NO-NO-NO!!!!
Sittin around tell funny stories...our kind of SPORTS!!! HAHA!!!
Me and Plunkers...I can't believe the Apostolic Beauty wanted her pic with me!!!
Met these two girls that I forgot their names...prayed with the girl in the orange shirt girl at the alter!!!
Me and FaitherZ!!! Gotta find a NEW nickname for her...LOL!
Me with the DALLAS GIRLS!!!
Jen you gotta give me everyone's email and numbers and stuff!!!
Anali takes the pic then looks at it and says...you really stand out Mary...like your really BRIGHT...WOW...we wer all laughing!!!
Wendy and Danae!!!
The Velez girls!!!
Charelle, my long lost friend from WCC...like FOREVERRRR ago that we met!!!

As soon as Charelle saw me at Heritage she was like, SOOOO do you STILL like black guys??? AHAHA...LOL...like DUH!!! ;) ANNNND Charelle ALWAYS like white boys...and she got one...look at her adorable lil baby boy...AWWW!!!
Me and Courtney...we matched!!!

Bro. Howard...tellin the guys to be MANLY MEN!!! YEAH!!! WOOT! WOOT!!!
Gettin ready to go home!!!
MARY and MARY!!!!
Me and ShelbZ!!!
Jac on the roof loading the luggage and Hanna's inside sleepin!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Me with SOME of the new accessories that I got for my birthday!!!
My Eithiopian purse is becoming FAMOUS!!! I've gotten sooooo many compliments on it ANNNND...I even used it in my lesson today at VBS...the kids were soooo impressed that it came ALL THE WAY FROM ETHIOPIA...a country in Africa!!!
On the way home we stopped at the WORLD's GHETTOIST KFC!!!  There was a bucket under the sink in the bathroom collecting water ANNNND me and Hanna were counting the flies on the window...I did NOT eat there...LOL...and then we're drivin away annnd...
Annnnd Hanna was like, OH its say KFG instead of KfC...we were like WHAAAAT??? Is this a typo??? And then I was like...OMW it MUST stand for KENTUCKY GHETTO CHICKEN!!! It wasn't until we were almost home that someone remembered, NO its for Kentucky GRILLED chicken...OOOOO...LOL!!!!
Annnnnd then FINALLY...Jayne remembered...Ooooo MARY you still have to get your oreo picture!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay...is there ANY better way to end a trip than being the CREAM in an oreo cookie??? And with me in the middle I think its pretty safe to say it was DEFINATLEY a DOUBLE STUFF OREO...my favorite...WOOT!!! WOOT!!!
Hanna was like, I'm pretty sure Mary is MORE CHOCOLATE, than her and Jayne put together!!!
(MORE commentary HERE!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)