Sunday, July 22, 2012

WHAAAAT I learned at Heritage 2012!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay so Heritage 2012 was officially AWESOME!!! 8 girls from 6 different churches and 3 different states all came together... Jacqui, Liz, Jenna, Jayne, Anali, Jedidah, Hanna and ME...ANNNND even tho there was one girl that decided it was best to sleep on the balcony...ahahahaha... I MUST SAY THAT...Everything went quite smoothly!!! NO FIGHTS!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! Annnnnnnnd before we left each other on Saturday, we all agreed to keep in touch and pray for each other's future husband's!!! (My idea...LOL ;)  ...and Anali was like, oh Mary I have already been praying for your FUTURE HUSBAND...I was like OMW.... annnnnnd I like SCREAMED and gave her the biggest Mar Bear Hug EVERRRRR!!!
NOW...whaaaat I learned from the conference...there was some really GOOD and basic preaching...buuuuut MAN WAS IT STRONG!!! I think it was Bro. Hyler that preached the first day was soooo basic...buuuuut SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! He said...
1. How to keep from backsliding???

He was talkin about how you can teach a person the truth, the can do ALL THAT FOR THEM...buuuuut there is ONE THING you can NOT give them...and that is them, getting it for themselves in their heart. No one can give you a love for God...YOU and ONLY YOU can get it in your heart.
Then Bro. Howard preached about the return of Jesus Christ!!! It was AMAZING!!!
2. How to be ready for the Rapture?
1. Get the Holy Ghost!!! (Obey Acts 2:38)
2. LOVE HOLINESS!!! Look in the mirror and aske yourself, IS THIS WHAT I WANT TO BE WEARING WHEN JESUS RETURNS???? If the answer is NO! Take it off and THROW IT AWAY!!!
3. Keep the HOLY GHOST!!! Stay prayed up!!!!
Three sooooo EASY steps!!! BUUUUUT IT MAKES SENSE and it was such a INCREDIBLE MESSAGE!!! Soooo basic buuuut soooo powerful!!! All of the messages were of course AMAZING...buuuut those are the two that really stuck out to me the most. (Also LOOOOOVED all the preaching on manly men! Woot! Woot!)
Tomorrow I will share THE MOMENT of the WHOLE ENTIRE conference...WHY we should ALWAYS act like a CHRISTIAN!!! bahahahaha!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)