Monday, August 20, 2012

Dirty Eyelids!!!

Soooo one day, a long, long, LONG time ago, I can't remember exactly what happened, buuuuut...this guy I was talking to told me that he had shown a picture of me to his aunt and his aunt said, Oh I always knew that you would think dark around the eyes was beautiful, then he told me like as a child he had been scared of his aunt cuz she had dark eyelids. Weeeeeelllll this was like THE ODDEST thing that ANYONE had EVER said about me and I really didn't know what he was talking about!!! I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a compliment a critique of just a random statement!!! I had NEVER in all my life paid attention to my eyelids before!!!
So OF COURSE, I got off the phone and FIRST THING I went to do was check out my eyelids!!! I was lookin and examining them and OMW, THEY WERE DARK!!! I was like what in the world is wrong with me!!! WHY are my eye lids darker than the rest of me??? The guy had only made ONE comment and he hadn't really said weather having dark eyelids was good or bad...just made a comment that he had obviously noticed them!! 
Weeeeelllll I kind of became a little paranoid about it!!! I thought maybe my eyelids were dirty!!! i tried to wash them but they stayed the same!!! i thought maybe I wasn't getting enough nutrients or maybe I wasn't get enough sleep, BUUUUUT no matter what, my eyelids remained "Dirty"
Sooooo one day I decided to research dark eye lids online and find out WHY I had dirty eye lids!!! Turns out its simply cuz for some reason, I have more pigment in my eye lids then I do in the rest of me!!! cRaZy right?!?! I still wasn't really sure what to think of this, so I kept reading more about it and come to find out THAT...
Some people HATE having darker eye lids SOOOO MUCH, that they ACTUALLY have surgery to have it removed!!! I'm like WOW thats pretty intense!!! THEN I read THAT... some people think that darker eye lids are soooo beautiful they actually have SURGERY to darken their eyelids!!! Annnnnnd this is WHY woman actually wear EYE SHADOW MAKE UP!!! I'm like Whoaaaaa!!!!
Soooo i'm sitting there, reading all this stuff about dirty eyelids and i'm like, OKAY, soooo basically, I have a choice, I can either love my eye lids, or HATE THEM!!! Hmmmm...HATE OR LOVE???

BECAUSE, that's the way GOD MADE ME!!! He made me with darker eyelids!!! I don't need to get hung up on them being a different color than the rest of me!!! When God was designing me, he decided to give me light skin, blue eyes and dark eyelids!!! I am HIS HANDIWORK, annnnnd WHO AM I, to argue with my creator on how I should look!?!?!
"Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? ..." (Jeremiah 13:23)
I LOOOOOOOOOOVE my dirty little eye lids...
they are soooooo CUTE!!
Here I am attempting to kiss them...Not workin out to well either!!! LOL!!! cute lil eye lids...
There are some things about ourselves that we can continually work on to make ourselves better. Such as the way we dress, do our hair, lose weight, excercise...those are ALL THINGS that God allows for us to work on ourselves!!! BUT there are some things that God did, that are PERMANENT!!! Who cares if its different or NOT like everyone else, 
P.S. If you are in anyway struggling with Self Esteem, I highly recommend that you read THIS series of testimonials on my friend Anali's blog!!! Girls from a variety of different ethnicity's share their struggles and triumphs through God's word!!!
♥Mary Frances :)