Saturday, August 18, 2012

Writing for SINGLES!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeeey EVERYONE!!! After I got such a HUGE response from the singles posts a couple of weeks ago I decided to start a new writing project ALL for single-Apostolic-young-or-NOT-so-young-people!!! Buuuuuuuuuuut I NEED YOUR HELP!!! 
What I need is for YOU ALL to come up with some ORIGINAL jokes for singles...ANNNNND they have to be a specific kind....You ALL KNOW the Yo momma's so fat jokes??? You know, yo Momma's so fat she sat on a rainbow and made skittles??? AHAHA...i still love that one!!! LOLOL 
Weeeeeeelllll I need some He/She's soooooooo SINGLE Jokes!!! For example, Joe Velez was helping me out the other day and right away he just started spewing them out!!!This is my FAVORITE thus far...He's sooooo SINGLE...McDonald's refused to sell him a McDouble when he ordered!!! BAHAHA!!! (I think guys are better at this then girls...Me And Anlie were like ummmmm...finally after two hours Anali comes up with a good one!!!)
 Okaaaaaaay so do you guys get it???  Email them to me at OR leave a comment on here and I'm not going to post it...ALL the jokes will be saved FOR THE PROJECT!!! Okaaaaaaaaaay send me your BEST Sooooooo SINGLE JOKE!!! ME ME LAUGH!!! :))))
On your marks, get set, GOOOOOOO!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)