Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Future Dr? Future Nurse? Future _______?????

So last Sunday...
Me and Jac just start CRACKIN up listening to the conversation to the church going on amongst the Sunday School kids in the van!!! So we're driving past some kind of big fancy house and one of the boys says, When I grow up, i'm going to have a house like that!!!
Soooo one of the girls just BUSTS up laughing!!! She is like HA!!! What kind of job are you going to have??? He is like, HEY! I'm going to be a DOCTOR when I grow up!!! Another one of the kids is like, A DOCTOR??? HA!!! You'll probabley ONLY make it to being a nurse!!!
ANOTHER one of the kids is like, A NURSE??? Yeah right!!! I see him more like...
The boy totally unfazed by them dissing him, excitedly says, as IF the job was equally as wonderful as being a doctor...WELL, if I work there,
At this point me and Jac just busted up laughing!!! I'm like HEEEEEY at least the boy has PLANS and AMBITION to WORK of some sort!!! ANNNND if free food is THE PUSH...heeeey...its all good!!! Cuz you know what the Bible says, If a man doesn't work he shouldn't eat!!!
Soooo watch out McDonald's, you better get some EXTRA fries cookin up cuz we got your future workers in our van!!!! Wooot!!! Wooot!!!
♥Mary Frances :)