Monday, August 6, 2012

I FINALLY met her!!!

Me and Jen Lord!!!
We FIIIIIINALLLLY met this year at Heritage!!! Jen and I have been INTERNET friends for like YEARS NOW!!! (Like since 2008) ANNNND we have tried sooooo many times to meet at conferences and it has NEVER worked out!!! All this time and we could NEVER make it to THE SAME conference at the time!!!
Soooo the first day we meet I tell Jen I like her hair and she is all like, OH, tomorrow i'm going to have it NATURAL!!! (like she was feelin guilty about it! HA!) Annnnd I was like, Oh heeeeeey its ALL good KENDRAS NOT HERE!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
Soooooooo THEEEEEN we go to Chick-Fil-A that night annnnnd JEN pulls out a box annnnn she has a BIRTHDAY present for me!!! I was like AWWWW!!!! Like she hasn't even met me and she gives me a gift!!! Meanwhile, her birthday was earlier in the month and I didn't even wish her a HAPPY BIRRRRTHDAY!!! Sooooo I open her gift annnnd its...
Aparently she had read THIS post!!! Annnnd wanted to MAKE SURE...I had my SIGNATURE glasses!!! I was like awwwww!!! Okaaaaaay...sooooo now there is ONLY ONE QUESTION LEFT for Jen...
They were kinda like a group effort and there was sooooo many people in the house and ABSOLUTE chaos when they were being baked...annnnnd THEN by the time you actually got them, they were probabley old, stale and covered in HAIRSPRAY!!! Sooo you don't gotta lie if they were NASTY!!!! Just say it girrrrl!!! ;)
AnywayZ, I just wanna say that I am really glad we met!!! Your a wonderful, Godly and BEAUTIFUL person!!! I hope you got to see some Classic Mary Moments while you were with me...AKA: Nacho Cheese on my toe!!! HAHA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)