Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Bahamas!!!

Okaaaaaaaay sooooooo for those of you that don't know this, the country of the Bahama's all chocolate people...I had NOOOOOOOO IDEA!!! What a wonderful, pleasent surprise for me!!! MJ looks out the window when we get there and she is like, Mary! Its a BLACK WORLD!!! I was like OMW...

Imagine ME...Mary...on a BEAUTIFUL, TROPICAL ISLAND...filled with NOTHING BUT CHOCOLATE PEOPLE!!! (I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't DREAMING!!!) This ONE Bahemian man said I looked like a big, bright, orange, BEAUTIFUL hibiscus flower...I was like, WOW!!! Thank you!!! Bahaha!!!
The BAHEMIAN men ... I really felt a short-term burden...I'm just sayin like, 1 out of every 5 men was like soooooo HANDSOME!!! (NOT even lyin!) Heeeey there are LOTS OF Apostolic churches there...ANYONE WANNA GO???

The above picture is the Atlantis resort...thats what A LOT of people were really into going and seeing...NOT ME!!! Who cares about some HOTEL??? I wanna see the COUNTRY!!!
Bahemians speak ENGLISH!!! Annnnd I guess this is kinda sterio typin BUUUUT they talk A LOT like you know typical African Americans from the south but with an island twist!!! Like our tour guide was always like, Yo MON! My brother!!! What's up?!!? LOL

1- I am a tourist. You are a tourist. 1- I’s a tourist. You is a tourist.
2- I am happy. You are happy. We are all happy. 2- I happy. You happy. We all happy.
3- I swim everyday. 3- I does swim erry day.
4- I will see you on the beach. 4- I guh see you on duh beach.
5- I danced at the club yesterday. 5- I dance at duh club yesterday.
6- The three conch shells were beautiful. 6- Duh tree conchs shells was beautiful.
7- We come from different countries. 7- Ve come from diff’ren countries.
8- The children are watching the fish. 8- Duh chirren dem is vatchin’ duh fishes.
9- She told me that she had traveled far. 9- She tell me say she travel far.
Souvenier shopping...THIS is where I met a man that told me he was a prince and could make me a princess...LOL...IF thats not cheesy enough when he asked me my name annnnd I said Mary, he said, OH MARY!!! HI!!! I'm JOSEPH!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! That was funny and made me laugh!!!
 Bright green house anyone???
The people who live in The Bahamas are predominantly of West African descent who were captured and forced into slavery on the cotton plantations in the Americas.
I LOVE meeting the people!!! Thats what its all about!!! :)))
This was our tour guide, "Famous Amos" annnnnnd NO he wasn't in the 1 out of 5 category!!! LOL Buuuuuut he was really cool and funny and very informative!!!
The Bahemian people thank the tourists over and over again for coming!!! They say that their jobs and lives revolve AROUND TOURISM!!! The whole country would NOT make it without us!!! You would think that they would feel RESENTFUL towards us, buuuuut NO...they are just thankful that we can afford these luxries... SO THAT THEY CAN WORK!!! Kinda makes you THINK!!!
The Bahemians match us dollar to dollar with american money exactley....buuuut everything is WAAAAAY more expensive!!! One gallon of milk is $7 dollars there!!! OMW!!! YIKES!!!

The majority of the island is Christian based...strong Baptists A LOT OF PENECOSTALS too!!! I asked our tour guide if he had ever been to like a UPC Pentecostal church and he said No just charasmatic but he knew the difference and he knew where the UPC church was! I told him he should GO!!!
This lady right here just started singin praise to God cuz she had sold some CUNK, the fish that is the MAIN food on the island!!!!
Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo EVERYTHING is BRIGHT AND COLORFUL on the island!!!

Here I am drinkin some Bahamian fruit can only get it in the Bahamas!!!
THis was in the Atlantis resort...see how bright everything is???
Look at this RUG!!! LOVE IT!!!

Bright lil sunshiney favorite house was the lil PINK ONE, but our driver drove by to fast for me to get a really good picture!!!
These are the RITZY houses...see how even these are different colors!!!
The country of the Bahamas is BEAUTIFUL!!!
 I can't lie is NOT quite as beautiful as the island of Bohol in the Philippines...that place is breathtakingly, BEAUTIFUL!!! If you've never been to Bohol...let me tell is waaaaaaay prettier than Hawaii or the Bahamas!!!! NOTHIN LIKE IT!!! Buuuuuuuuut...
Does the fact that there are handsome CHOCOLATE men roamin around EVERYWHERE make up for it??? Uh...
♥Mary Frances :)