Monday, September 17, 2012

Financial WiseDumb!!! :) #1

TODAY is the FIRST post...
 of a BRAND NEW monthly column
Okaaaaaaaay sooooo this FIRST post is especially dedicated to ALL the PARENTS out there!!! How many of you parent's have children, THAT LIKE DISNEYLAND??? EVEN If they are too young now, at some point or another, your children WILL want to go to Disneyland!!!
Disneyland is EXPENSIVE!!! The average price for ONE TICKET at Disneyland is about $80 bucks!!! NOW EVEN if you have ONLY ONE CHILD, you STILL have to buy TWO MORE tickets for YOU(The Parents) thats racking up to $240 bucks...OH BUUUUUT you know that MOST people have MORE THAN ONE CHILD BAM we're now already up to $320 and if your a child LIKE ME...from a family of FIVE KIDS..
You can plan RIGHT now on just waiting till your old enough to WORK and buy YOUR OWN TICKET to go to Disneyland!!! Howeverrr...this past May, I, MARY FRANCES GINTY, discovered an amaZing, money-saving adventure, that is JUST as fun, if NOT FUNNER, that will save your children from feeling like they are MISSING OUT on the whole DISNEYLAND experience!!!
You see, a bunch of the married couples in our church decided to take a trip to DISNEYLAND, without THE KIDS!!! Sorta like a marriage retreat or something!!! Sooooo guess who was watching some of the children while their parent's were at Disneyland??? YES...yours truley...MAR BEAR!!! (After all...I am SINGLE...and thats what we singles do! LOL)
Now, the kids were a little bummed about NOT getting to go to the end of the week...weeeeeelll seee THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED...
I STARTED DRIVING THAT WEEK!!! I was kinda-sorta-pushed to get it down....ya know since I had to drive them to school and stuff!!! Sooooooo they got to experience ME LEARNING TO DRIVE!!!
I'll never forget their words, "Mary! Riding with you is sooooo much FUN!!!! Everywhere we go its all bumpy and swervy!!!" "Yeah, Mary! Riding with you is like going on a roller coaster!" "I LOVE the way you drive Mary!!!" (Touches my heart)
See RIGHT THERE parents!!! Have your children ride in MY VAN, annnnnd they will have the satisfaction of a total ROLLER COASTER experiance...WITHOUT THE DISNEY PRICE!!! You don't need to buy NO DISNEYLAND TICKETS!!!
You may be saying, OH Mary YOUR TO FAR...NOW WHAT??? Parent's, don't get upset...JUST STICK your child in the vehicle of ANY person that is learning to drive and they will get THE SAME UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIANCE!!!
However, OTHER DRIVERS will just be a temporary roller coaster experiance, I ON THE OTHER HAND, am permanent,  you do NOT have to worry about ME going out of business with roller coaster will ALWAYS be there for you parent's when you need ME!!! Annnnnnnnnd HEEEEEEy...
I'll even throw on some MINNIE EARS!!!
All I ask is for you to fill my tank with gas!!!
I know, I know...
Plus with my MONEY-SAVING don't even need to worry about THE LONG WAIT IN LINES!!! The cost of a hotel, food, SOUVENIERS...the costs just keep piling on!!! Today IS THE DAY, to start making SMART financial decisions!!!
$60 tank a gas OR $340+
More money-saving WISEDUMB next month...DON'S MISS IT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)