Monday, September 24, 2012

Following your dreams...

Sooooo yesturday, after the Filipino service in the afternoon, those of us that went were just kinda sitting around in the foyer hanging out till our evening service at church...annnnnd I was BORED... So I was going through this sight that is called THE BUCKET LIST...its like things to do before you die...soooo i'm just sitting on the floor, going through them and like stating my oppinion on them and making Thomas and Jacqui annnnd whoever else was sitting there laugh...
Like, RIDE AN ELEPHANT, Me and Jac have ALREADY done that!!! See a Volcano Errupt!!! I'm like REALLY??? Like, where do you just HAPPEN to find an errupting volcano??? ANNNNND furthermore, IF it was errupting, LIKE we would even be allowed near it...annnnd REALLY would we want to be by it??? Another one of the things was like, GO ON A CRUISE AROUND THE WORLD! I'm like duuuuude...NO WAY!!! Do you know just HOW FAT I would be by the end of that cruise??? SERIOUSLEY!!! AHAHA!!! Or one of them was like, JUMP IN A SWIMMING POOL FULLY CLOTHED!!! I'm like Oooo wow...thats really DARING!!! Like HELLOOOOO!!! I'm PENTECOSTAL...Been doing that ALL MY LIFE even BEFORE they had the modest bathing suits...THIS GIRL CAN SWIM IN A JEAN SKIRT!!! Woot! Woot!!!
Buuuuuuuuuut this was the one that I really, really, REALLY made them all laugh with...FOLLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!! I'm like, okaaaaaaaaaay I do THAT one ALLL THE TIME!!! annnnnnd you know what everyone calls it??? 
♥Mary Frances :)