Sunday, September 23, 2012


Sooooo of course there will be MORE about my brother's wedding this past Saturday, buuuuuuut...I just wanted to start this off by saying that I am sooooo thankful that there EVEN WAS a wedding for my brother!!!
When I saw his bride walking down the aisle and him looking at her, I couldn't help but start to feel a little choked up. About eight years ago, the thought of my brother getting married wasn't even in any of our minds, we just wanted him to LIVE!!!
He was diagnosed with ALL, a type of Leukemia that only gave him a 40% chance of survival with chemo and if that didn't work, a 10% chance with a bone marrow transplant. I remember night after night after night of staying with him in the hospital while he was getting chemo...SOOOO WORRIED!!!
I remember we would get soooooo BORED...I would do ALL these cRaZy-STUPID things to make him we didn't have a care in the world...buuuuuut deep down inside I was sooooo scared my lil brother was gonna die...I just couldn't imagine my life with ONLY FOUR Ginty kids!!!
BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT God brought him through ALL THAT...annnnnd NOT only did God give him LIFE...He has brought him to marriage...
As far as I'm concerned, being his sister and all, it woulda been enough for me if God had just let him live...HAHAHAHAHA!!! Buuuuuut... Yesturday God went above and beyond all of our expectations and blessed John with a beautiful, Godly wife!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! What a mighty, mighty, MIGHTY GOD we serve!!!
♥Mary :)