Monday, September 3, 2012

Mar Bear is sick!!!

Sooooooooo Im sorry for NO BLOG post today...i've been SICK!!! Sooooo soooo...sooooo SICK!!! I got ANOTHER tooth that needs to be pulled!!! It just happened like BAM this weekend...i'm like WHAT in the world!?!?! i was drivin the kids to church this past Sunday morn and I was like, OH NO!!! I couldn't even drive straight!!! Seriousley, I was seeing double and swerving all over the place and driftin off to sleep while I drove!!! On the way home I rode with my sis and just left the van at church!
I figured I would sleep real good in the afternoon, buuuut when I woke up I felt even worse and my face was starting to get PUFFY!!! So I sent a text to my pastor and his wife letting them know that I wouln't make it to church last night...My pastor text me back and said, Too bad, we have that young black evangelist tonight. He can sing and preach the house down!:) LOLOL!!! That made me laugh really hard!!! Then I went to sleep and slept till my sis got home and when I woke up my face was EVEN PUFFIER!!! I was like OH NO!!! Cuz ALL the dentists were closed for the 'Holiday' today!!! I'm like HELLLLOOOO...what if I die??? 
Soooo my sis found one dentist that was open but the cost was like almost $400 pull a tooth...I was like REALLY??? I decided to JUST SUFFER an extra day than to pay that much...yes...I am CHEAP!!! LOL Sooooooooo I just slept like ALL DAY today!!! Like literally...ALL DAY!!! Which IF you know me, is NOT something I do very often!!! I usually go to bed LATE and get up EARLY!!! 
All day today I kept havin these cRaZy dreams...ALL about guys!!! LOL!!! I woke up sooooo CONFUSED!!! i'm like OMW! I don't even know WHO I like anymore!!! AHahahahaha!!!
Soooooooo tomorrow afternoon I am going to my Ghetto dentist...Their motto is "Financially Painless Dentistry" Bahahha!!! It works for me!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)