Sunday, September 2, 2012

MORE Yard sale BLESSINGS!!! :)

Soooo I had a yard sale this weekend, Friday and Saturday!
(Or perhaps I should say I had a JUNK SALE this past weekend!!!)
I was tryin to raise some extra money because I want to get a personal trainer at the gym annnnnd it's super expensive!!! Buuuuut I really want to do this because I really want to get healthier annnnnnd when it comes to figuring out how to exercise I need major HELP!!!! (like how am I supposed to know how to lose fifty pounds of fat buuuuut gain 12 pounds in muscle?!?!) so I start my yard sale early Friday morning and after about two hours I had only made $1.25!!!! I was sooooo bummed!!! It was sooooo HOT ANNNND HUMID out!!! I was like omw is this even worth my time???
Soooo I PRAYED!!!
I asked God to help me!!! I told him that whatever I made from the yard sale instead of paying Him ten percent, I would give Him twenty percent annnnd bam customers started coming!!! By the end of my day yesturday I had made $80 bucks!!! WOOOOHOOO!!! I was sooooooooooo THANKIN GOD!!!
THEN today I made a ADDITIONAL $112 bucks!!! For a grand total of...
$192 bucks!!!
(Off of PURE TRASH you guys!!!)
The above pic is of my mom...takin... er..shoppin...FOR FREE!!! AHAHA!!! Its all good she gave me a ton of junk to sell!!! These yard sales are like my pot of oil that never runs out!!! I sell, sell, sell annnnd at the end of the yard sale it seems like there is STILL just as much junk as I began with!!! THANK YOU JESUS for all your blessings!!! 
 I just want to thank God for this miracle-financial-blessing!!! It may NOT seem like a miracle to you all, buuuuuut as my pastor says, SOME miracles take SOME WORK from ourselves!!! LIke the woman in the Bible that was told to GO gather all the empty vessals from her neighbors and ANYONE she knew! THEN God did a miracle...buuuuuut first she had to do some WORK for it!!! God wants us to put forth some EFFORT first before he takes over!!! My pastor says that SOMETIMES we need to put some LEGS ON OUR MIRACLES!!!
♥Mary Frances :)