Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today IS THE DAY...

THE FIRST APOSTOLIC MALE MODEL to actually GET MARRIED!!! Yes, yes, yes...MY WORK ON THIS BLOG truley IS a success!!! (Read his post HERE!) Today, at 2pm, my younger brother, that bosses me around, GETS MARRIED!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!

The other day I was telling him, JOHN, your THE FIRST AMM to get married!!! His response: I was an Apostolic Male Model on your BLOG??? AHAHAHAHA!!! I tell ya...LOLOLOL!!!
Anywayz, We've been preparing ALL week long!!! I just wanna you know HOW HARD it is to stick to a diet BEING ITALIAN??? Omw...seriousley...I've been helping bake Italian cookies and pastries all week long!!! Eeeeeks!!! LOL!!!

Last night was the wedding was getting a lil tense with the bride and groom trying to figure out HOW to fit their whole entire bridal party on the platform!!! All of the sudden the question gets asked by the coordinaor: WHY do the girls look soooo much MORE squished than THE GUYS??? The guys AUTOMATIC RESPONSE:
AHAHAHA!!! We all just bust up laughing!!! It eased the tension!!!
 (It was actually cuz there was only two guys sitting on the bench at the moment and one of the groomsmen hadn't arrived yet!!!)
THEN I thought this was the funniest, cutest moment of the night EVERRR!!! Soooo Liz, THE BRIDE, is walking down the aisle with her dad...
My niece MJ turns who is a flower girl, turns to Jocelyn Abbott, who is also a flower girl and the brides niece and she says, AS Liz and her dad are walking down the aisle, OH Is that her DAD?!??! (Like REALLY MJ?! Your just now realizing this?? Buuuut it gets even funnier!!!) Soooo Jocelyn looks at her aunt and grandpa...then just she has NO IDEA and could care less!!!AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Awwwwwww kids make everything soooo much funnnnn!!!
Weeeeeelllll I can't wait to see WHAT ALL HAPPENS TODAY!!!
♥Mary Frances :)