Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Soooo I hear people in other states talking about how much they just looooove FALL!!! They leaves changing to all different colors annnnnnd I'm over here just like YES!!! I love fall too... Buuuuuut.... It's cuz it's actually FINALLY starting to cool off!!!
Soooooo the other day tho, I was decorating the house for the fall season an I was taking down all the FALL decorations annnnnnd BAM this pumpkin thing falls on my head and it gets sooooo tangled in my hair!!! Aaaaaauuuuggghhh!!! I was all myself and It took me like ten minutes to get the cRaZy thing out!!!
Soooo I decided that's how we get FALL in AZ... We just let stuff FALL on our heads!!! Lol 
of course with me it's kinda like...
FALL all year long!!!
PS. Doesn't our Kitchen table look waaaaaay AWESOME???
♥Mary Frances  :)