Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How do you like your Coffee???

Sooooooo this past Sunday we're all driving to church and we had a pretty big group so we're using the church van instead of mine. Jac is driving and the topic of the conversation was COFFEE!!! Don't worry, yes, we DID have some adults with us...soooo it wasn't all kids talkin about drinking coffee!!! HAHA!!! 
Sooooo everyone is all talking about HOW they like their coffee...sugar, cream, black or white...etc...annnnnd i'm like sooooooooo NOT paRticipaTing in the conveRsaTion!!! I'm thinkin aBout how OH man I would LOOOOVE to AcTuALlY be getting some REal StaRbucks instEad of having the conveRsaTion...LOl!!!
Sooooooooo THEN the kids are like HEEEEEY MARY...
How do YOU like your COFFEE??? 
I waS like ummmm...I soooooo KNEW wherE this convo waS NOW going!!! HAHA!!! Buuuuut I wasn't SURE how to rEspond, cuz NoRmallY, if you aSk me CHOCOLATE or automatic response is ALWAYS CHOCOLATE...cuz rEally, i loooooooooooooooove CHocolaTE!!!! (Like the flavor people!;)
bUUUUUUUUT I know how my kids think...They wERE NOT jus talkin aBout coffee!!! LOlOl Soooo i'm like hmmmm...HOW am I gonna answER this...cuz I rEally HATE BLACK coffee...buuuuut if I said that i liked it WHITE they would be like, Oooo girrrrl you racist...we knew you werE!!! You say you like LOVE black people...buuuut YOU just said WHITE!!! me...I know how this would go!!! Buuuuuut I waS NOT gonna lie and say I like my coffee BLACk...cuz I soooo don't!!!
Sooooo I waS like...ummmm...THInkin about it annnnnd THEN I haD the PERfEcT rEspnse for them!!! (I think it came from GOD!!!;) I'm like ACTUALLY... you know whaT??? You wanna know JUST how I like my coffee??? I'll tell you JUST EXACTLEY HOW I lIKE MY COFFEE!!!
 I said...
I like my coffee to be just like...
Wooooooot!!! ;)
Sooooo yeah...i've been telling people ALL week since Sunday...ASk ME hoW i lIkE mY coFfEE??? BlACK OR WHITE??? Hee, hee!!! I'm vERy proud of my creative rEsponse...Keep crackin myself up eveRy time I tell it!!!      I even specifially held back from tellin Hanna and Anali...just soooo they could reaD it on here first!!! LOLOL!!! 
Soooooooo HOW do YOU ALl  like your coffee??? Huh? Huh? ! ;) 
♥Mary Frances :)