Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bible College Snack Bar Menu!!!

K! People... soooo last Monday a buncha peeps were tellin me they didn't come prepared to eat...buuuuuut they would have IF they had know it was my mom...They said MARY! You should have TOLD US!!! Like okaaaaaay what am I supposed to do, CALL EVERYONE??? LOL Soooo I'm tellin you all RIGHT NOW...Mom's cooking this week again for Bible college snack bar!!! (If you didn't eat last week you soooo missed it!!! Mom's BBQ Chicken, corn bread, cucumber salad, apple pie)
She is making lasagna...I was helpin her prepare it and and I was doing this like CERTAIN thing as we were putting it together and she is like OH MARY, don't even worry about doing that! I'm like WHAT??? (I can't tell you WHAT it is that she told me NOT to bother with...cuz its like top secret Italinan code of honor! Like the clown thing on AIO!!!;) You ALWAYS tell me to do that when we make the lasagna!!! She's like, oh it don't matter, these people aren't EVEN Italian, they won't know the difference ANYWAYS!!! I was like MOOOOOOOOOM!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I sooooo LOOOOOVE MY MOM!!!
So yeah, its Lasagna and then Ima make garlic cheese biscuts and Peanut butter-chocolate cake!!!! I loooooove baking annnnnd can't eat any of it sooooo yeah...its FUN having people to force my food upon!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
sooooo COME HUNGRY...
 and bring your MONEY, HONEY!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)