Sunday, October 21, 2012

Brothers make me LAUGH!!!

Sooooooooo I was hanging out with some friends the other day and ya know...I'm like ALWAYS trying to help my friends out with finding and talking to people...ya get to know! Sooooo I was some friends recenlty, and we were discussing crushes and how its working out for everyone...which was pretty much like NOTHING for all of us!!! Sooooo I'm tellin one of my good guy friends, like should probabley just move on and i'm like don't feel bad you know its the same thing for ME!!! And so he's like are you sure? Annnnnd I'm like yes annnnd i'm tellin him all the juicy details of his crush not being interested in him!
Annnnnd my brother's are like MAN MARY! Just break his heart now!!! I'm like heeeeey its better to know the truth then to live in your own dream world... then i'm like and HEEEEEY WHAT ABOUT ME??? Its the SAME thing for ME!!! What about MY HEART???! My oldest brother Joe pipes and he is just like,
"Maaaaaarrrrrry...we don't worry about you...
your heart has been broken SO MANY TIMES...
I don't know HOW your even STILL...
That made me laugh SOOOO HARD!!!
 I guess have a STRONG heart folks!!!
♥Mary Frances :)