Saturday, October 20, 2012

I want to eat here!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooo ONE thing you have to all know about me is that I absolutely LOVE the ocean!!! I love going in the ocean, wave jumping and riding the waves...I just LOVE feelin the waves move me...annnnnd when I'm NOT in the ocean I could sit at the sea shore all day long just watching the waves and writing away...I'm just fasicnated by the ocean!!! With THAT being said,
I SOOOO want to eat at this RESTURAUNT!!!
Doesn't this look like SOOOOO much FUN??! I'm still trying to figure out where exactley its located sooooo if anyone knows PULEEEEZE let me know!!! :)
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay know, THIS looks like THE MOST romantic place EVERRR to eat at it!!! A private, secluded lil island that you get rowed out too!!! OMW SERIOUSLEY how romantic is THAT??? I would sooooooooooo SWOOOOON!!! LOL HOW perfect of a spot would this be for a guy to PROPOSE??? Heeeeey i'm jus sayin guys...if you wann like really WOW your girl...I mean its only in some place called Maldive...soooo I mean you would have to figure out HOW to get her there with her being suspicious annnnd alll..but you know...LOL
Ooooooo BUUUUUUUUUUT make sure that you do NOT forget to take a chaperone!!! Don't forget that my services as THE BIBLE are STILL available!!! (Go HERE for more info if you feel you may need my services!) OMW could you all imagine ME chaperoning a proposal there??? The guy would be like on one knee to the girl and all like "Will You Marr..." and I would be like,
Oh just pretend i'm NOT even here...
♥Mary Frances :)