Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guess WHO spilled it?!?!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay sooooooo Jac got this appreciation dinner at this really fancy-prancey-shmancey 5 star resturaunt at the resort she works at annnnnnnnnnd invited ME to go with her!!! (Awwwww best friend perks!;) Soooooooooooo I just want you all to take a WILD guess at WHO, after only five minutes at this wonderfully-sophisticated place, just HAPPPPPPPENED to totally spill DUMP their drink EVERYWHERE???
Okaaaaaaaaay NOW, I KNOW you all are thinking about THIS right now and are probabley like, OH YEAH...its soooooo MARY!!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuut you NEVERRRRR know!!! Remember, JAC IS A BLOND!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaay everyone, WHAT do you think??? Take a guess and join the FUNNNNN! The answer to "Guess WHO spilled it?!?!" will be posted NEXT week when I do a resturaunt review of our WHOLE MEAL AND EVENING!!! You WILL NOT want to miss this  review...
When White Trash,
And, AND, AnnndFine Dining,
♥Mary Frances :)