Thursday, October 11, 2012

Community Saturday #1 at the Lacour's Church!!!!!!

Sooooo our church has started a new thing that we are doing to sort of extend ourselves to the community within our own church and others as well. What we are doing, is on the FIRST Saturday of every month we do some sort of volunteer work together as a church.
Sooooooooo for the FIRST Community Saturday EVERRRR... our church went and did work on helping with the building and of the Lacour's NEW CHURCH BUILDING!!! Which is really cool to think that we got to be a part of it!!!
Sooooooo the day started out with me getting LOST!!! HAHA!!! I know, big surprise...RIGHT?!?! LOL! KIM is like HOW ARE YOU LOST??? I'm ummmmm...EASILY!!!Sooooo Kim comes and finds me at McDonald's and we felt like it was time for a (Iced-sugar-free-vanilla)coffee break...YES... a coffee break before I even got there!!! BAHAHA!!! Annnnnnnd it was like this HUGE Kim and Mary reunion cuz we havn't really had the opportunity to hang out in a while...(annnnnnd Me and Kim together is seriousley pure cRaZy-awesomeness!!! NO ONE can make me laugh like KIMMY KAT CAN!!! Like NORMALLY...I make people laugh...BUUUUUT KIM...makes ME LAUGH!!! Together we become this awesome TEAM...Annnnnd when we are TOGETHER...EVERYONE IS LAUGHING!!!) 
THEN....when we DID FINALLY get there...The Lacour's had STARBUCKS coffee for everyone...I was like NIIIIIIICE!!! Soooooo i had MORE COFFEE!!! LOL...YES ANOTHER COFFE BREAK!!! Two Coffee breaks before we even started workin...AHAHAHA!!!
Sooooooooo After that I'm like OKAAAAAY KIM...we should probabley do something to like,  ya know...HELP!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! We look around and there is like total construction typs stuff going on EVERYWHERE...I'm like...ummmm yeah...I'm like a cookin-in-the-kitchen-washin-the-dishes-scrubbing-the-toilet-sweeping-mopping-holding-babies-changing-poopy-diapers-takin-out-the-trash-Kind-of-WOMAN!!! Buuuuuuut beyond all tha t...I AM CLUELESS!!!
Soooooooo Kim and I look at the list of things to do and just like BUST UP LAUGHING!!! 

I'm like...YES!!! I am soooooooooo on torching the concrete and REBUILDING THE TOILET!!! (Heeeeey do know how to BREAK A TOILET!!! Just ask Bishop Abbott about THAT!!! LOLOLOL!!!) 
Sooooooo we go and find Sis. Lacour and we're like, Sis. Lacour...WHAT would you like us to do to help out today??? She pauses a moment to think about it, then just kind of looks at me and Kim, smiles sweetly and says, I KNOW!!! Why don't your girls be the GREETING COMMITTEE!!! Just go around to the people working, ask them if they would like a bottle of water or if there is anything that they need!!! She is like, YOU KNOW...
Just look CUTE and be FRIENDLY!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was like YES!!! Finally, there is someone that appreciates my gift of lookin cute and being friendly... You make be thinkin...OH THATS EASY...anyone can look cute and be friendly...buuuuut ACTUALLY....its complicated ya know??? I mean THINK ABOUT IT...there are people that can look CUTE, buuuuut they aren't always FRIENDLY!!! And there are people that are FRIENDLY...buuuut they don't look CUTE...LOL...buuuuuuut WE CAN LOOK CUTE ANNNNNNND BE FRIENDLY!!!! OOooo...Multi-taskin people!!! :P Wish there were MORE people that would appreciate this TALENT...(weeeeeellll I bet my FUTURE HUSBAND WILL!!! ;) 
Weeeeeellllll....ANYWAYZ, we were done with THAT TASK in about 10 minutes...sooooo Kimmy Kat decided to TEST the faith of her pastor...she's like Watch this!!! Oh PASTOR LACOUR!!! Mary and i are just trying to figure out WHAT exactley you would like for us to do on this list!?!? NOW most people, would LOOK AT KIM AND I and very adamantley and with GOOD REASON say...NOTHING!!! LOL!!! Buuuuuuut, NOT Bro. Lacour!!! Soooooo he is looking over the list....THINKING...and he is like...
How do you girls feel about HEIGHTS??? Kim just looks at him and says, SCARED OF THEM!!! I look over at THIS ladder below and i'm like...WEEEEEEEELLLL....I'm actually NOT scared of heights...buuuuuuuuuuuut...
Its almost like HEIGHTS are scared of ME!!!
 Then i'm like, OMW KIM!!! Did I tell you about when I sang a solo at my church and when I was done I just fell off the platform??? She is like WHAAAAT??? Then she busts up laughing and is like, I have to hear this story!!! Bro. Lacour just looks up from the work list with his eyes all widened, then he is like, Im going to just think about a job for you girls and then be back!!!
Soooooo we figured Bro. Lacour was just going to FORGET ABOUT IT!!! Buuuuuut NOOOOOO!!! He comes back and is like, Sis. Mary, How do you feel about painting??? Everyone around us that can hear this just like busts up laughing...Kim is like OH I am soooooo outta here!!! LOL!!! Sooooooo i'm like weeeeeeelllllll...I personally feel GREAT about PAINTING....buuuuuut I think THE REAL QUESTION is: Bro. Lacour, HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT MODERN ART????
AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Soooooo he explains to us HOW to do it...He tells me how to like kinda spread the paint out on the edges sooooo that it just kind of blends in...He says, You know, We don't want it to look like MARY WAS HERE!!! 
Buuuuuuuuuut yeah its pretty much IMPOSSIBLE for me to NOT make it look like I WAS THERE!!! They had told me that if I got it on the side with just to have a damp rag read to wipe...SOOOO I DID!!! Buuuuuut Idk WHAT happened cuz like, I wiped and then SOMEHOW the paint that I wiped on the rag I rubbed BACK on the door thingy...sooooo pretty much looked like...
I showed Bro. Lacour and he said it was FINE...No big deal...buuuuut I'm almost POSITIVE its probabley ALREADY been REPAINTED!!! Ima go check at the opening services!!!! LOLOLOL!!!

They shoulda just sent us to watch the kids...NOW thats another thing I can ACTUALLY do!!! 

Now THIS is the church building...Isn't it BEAUTIFUL??? I soooooooooooooooo LOOOOOOVE the bell!!! The whole thing is just very ARIZONA looking!!! I can't wait till its complete!!!
Also, I think its really cool that the Lacour's started their church in Cave Creek AZ...cuz that is totally where I grew up till I was 14 and we moved to Phoenix/Paradise Valley!!! For those of  you that are wondering, Cave Creek is like the BOONIES of AZ!!! I told Kim, this is my HOOD where I grew up!!! She is like, MARY! This is NOT A HOOD!!! This is THE DESERT!!!  Its like NOTHING but DESERT, Desert...DESERT!!! Except, actually, its a lot more built  up there in the last 15 years!!! When I lived there, there was ONLY ONE grocery store...BASHAS!!! Ooooo I was soooo happy to move to Paradise Valley...5 minutes from the mall...I ain't no country girl...I'm a CITY GIRL ALL THE WAY!!! WOOT! WOOT!!! Awwwww man...the memories I have up there, romping through the desert...BAREFOOTED... building forts...stepped in soooooooo much cactus growing up buuuuuuut NEVER a scorpian or rattle snake!!!
Overall...It was a really, GOOD and FUN day!!! I'm glad I got to be a part of the building of this church...EVEN if the ONLY thing I personally accomplished was just lookin good and SOCIALIZIN!!! least I didn't bury it...I USED MY GOD GIVEN TALENT!!! ;))))
♥Mary Frances :)