Thursday, October 18, 2012

Name THAT puppet!!!

Soooooooooo there was this HUGE community yard sale going on this past weekend up in some niiiiiiice neighborhoods and me and my sis ALWAYS have to go to them!!! Soooo we're at this one yard sale and ALL of the sudden I see this ADORABLE lil fluffy puppet thing!!!
.Photo: My new puppet... it's a bubaloo.
I practically squeeled when I picked it up!!! I mean, I am soooooo NOT in the puppet ministry...mainly cuz my hand is soooo BIG it does't fit in the puppets and plus I just plain HATE doing it and NOT being able to actually SEE the puppets...YES...I just LOVE seeing them for myself...I know...SPECIAL...  buuuuuuuut, I have a BFF that sooooooooooooo IS!!! LOL! Soooooo I ask the lady HOW much it is and she like LOOKS at the puppet in like UTTER disgust and is just like...Like a dollar...I was like OH I'll TAKE IT!!! I'm like handing her the money and telling her that my best friend is a total puppet FANATIC!!! She just takes the money and looks at me like, WEIRDOS!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Really tho, JAC LOVES PUPPETS!!! Like this past summer it was soooooo FUNNNNY!!! I was like talkin to her on the phone and like tryin and tryin and tryin an TRYIN to tell her something that happened with some guy... buuuuuut EVERY TIME I tried to tell her she just kept talkin about PUPPETS...sooooo FINALLY I gave up and called Hanna and Anali....and then like two weeks later when I was FINALLY gettin to tell Jac, she was like, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WAITED THIS LONG TO TELL ME!!!! I was like, JACQUI...I TRIED!!! Buuuuuut you just kept talkin about PUPPETS...and I brought up the WHOLE convo and she was like, OH YEAH!!! LOLOLOL!!! It was super funny!!!
(If your wondering, WHAT happened with the guy that I wanted to tell Jac about...Hmmmm...I'm actually tryin to remember WHAT it was too...LOL...I just remember her NOT listenin to me...buuuuuut...I'm thinkin it couldn't have been anything to big...CUZ, I can't even REMEMBER which guy it was about!!! AHAHA...ANALI...don't EVEN say NOTHING right now!!! and Anali have this bEt CHALLENGE that she has presented me with...that I won't even be able to like the SAME guy till the end of this year! ANNNND I am like sooooo determined to prove her WRONG!!! Except, I'm going to be honest with you all...its gettin REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HARD!!!! I wonder if there is such a thing as CRUSH ADHD??? If there is I soooooooo have it!!! BAHAHAHA!!!)
Sooooooooo ANYwayz, On Sunday, I presented Jac with my great yard sale find!!!
Annnnnd she squeeled...which made me HAPPY!!! :))) Then I was squeelin when she started makin it move and dance!!! Like OMW it was soooooo CUTE!!!
Annnnnnnnd all the lil kids ABSOLUTELY adored it!!!
The way Jac got it to move sooooo good, I think the kids actually kinda thought it was REAL or something!!! AnywayZ, this is the CHALLENGE that Jac and I would like to present before you all...
Yes, I said HE!!! We decided that he is definately a boy!!! LOL! Some people were saying he looks like a Dr. Suess character...WHICH I just want to clarify that he is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I do NOT like Dr. Suess and WILL HAVE NOTHING to do with him!!! LOLOL I'll tell you all WHY...some day!!! :) AnywayZ, I think he looks like one of the RAZZLEFLABINS from the Jungle Jam Radio shows!!! Jac looked it up online and this type of puppet is actually called a Bubaloo!
Idk...I kinda think Ed is a cute name or maybe even Bubba!!! LOL What do YOU all think??? If you pick the NAME that Jac chooses...YOU WILL recieve a special, fun, gift from her!!! You can suggest as MANY names as you want...and you can give reasons WHY you think that your name is a GOOD name!!! Weeeeeeelllll....WHAT are you all waiting for???
♥Mary Frances :)