Tuesday, November 20, 2012

He should be gettin a girlfriend ...

I was talking to one of my friends, the other day and I was enquiring about a guy we had recently met, I was like, oh ya know he was kinda cute and he seemed fun and she was like, OH AND the GOOD NEWS for YOU is that he IS SINGLE and NOT talking to anyone!!! I was like OH AWESOME!!! Then i just kinda laughed and said, Annnnnnnd the GOOD NEWS for HIM...
IS that he will SOON be getting a girlfriend!!! So my friend kind of like paused, like I think she thought I was being just a LITTLE too enthusiastic about this guy, so she is just like, Oh you think so? I'm like, GIRRRRRRL I KNOW so!!!
Cuz EVERY time I have an INTEREST in a guy...
(Seriousley, I should start a BUSINESS!!! Get ME to have a crush on you and you WILL get a girlfriend SOON!!! I'll charge $100 a crush...MAN thats an AWESOME deal people...I shoulda thought of this in my teens...I would be a millionare BILLIONARE by now!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)