Monday, November 19, 2012

Shout out to...

Erynn Bradley!!!
Okaaaaaaay sooooo in my WCC post I did a shout out to a TON of people BUUUUUUT I forgot to mention ERYNN!!! Ooooo annnnnd did i everrrr hear about it!!! LOL...Oooo its because I'm BLACK isn't it girrrrl??!?!? HAHAHA!!! WHATEVERRR!!! Then when we were saying BYE and she was like, DO you even know WHO this is??? I was like, "DUH! Of course I know who you are...YOUR CHOCOLATE!!! You know that means your HIGHER on my list of friends!!! AHAHAHA!!! Just ask ANALI about THAT...she'll NEVER let me forget the fact that I said I wanted to get a pic with HANNA and her MOM at WCC...Anali was like OH what ABOUT me and MY MOM!!! Just cuz we're NOT BLACK huh?! I was like...Okaaaaay your mom isn't even here yet for me to have MET HER!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! Buuuuuut THEN Jen Connell was like, yeah buuuuut what about me and MY MOM??? I was like Ooooo...Heeeeey you know what...I want picture with all ya alls moms!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
Sooooooo yeah...This my shout out to ERYNN...she is AWESOME!!! Also realized that I FORGOT to say that I saw Cherie and Stephanie Marchbanks, I met Sis. Marchbanks, The one lady with the blog from the Marchbanks church buuuuuut I forgot her name...SORRY SISTER...LOL...Bro. AND Sis. Connell, Bro. & Sis. Kifle, Mesgana, Coco, Sis. Villasenor, Anali's Jackie and that other lady that was with Anali's mom but I forgot her name annnnnnnd I'm OFFICIALLY NEVER doing a shout out to people on blog again...I forget TO MANY PEOPLE!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! See ERYNN...your NOT the ONLY one I forgot!!!! :))))
♥Mary Frances :)