Monday, November 12, 2012

WCC Trip part 1!!!

Sooooo the FIRST part of our WCC trip doesn't ACTUALLY include...WCC...LOL!!! Here I am totally excited about my gas station finds...I LOVE stopping at gas stations...they sell the weirdest things and always have the MOST interesting stuff everrrr!!! Love's and Flying J's are sooooo THE BOMB!!! LOLOLOL!!! These were some of my cool gas statin finds on the way there...
A cute fluffy lil dog charm to go with my collection on my purse!!! I've been collecting lil charms from all over since my Senior year in High School and when my sis-in-law showed me this lil puppy at this ghetto lil gas station we were at I like sooooo squeeled with delight!!! She was like LAughin and was like, SEE I know what kind of stuff you like!!! HAHA!!! Then I had to try this strawberry banana was just weird to pass up!!! LOL
I have to say...I LOVE this place waaaaaay better than Disney Land!!! Disney Land rides, ASIDE from Splash Mountain and Space Mountain, are sooooooo LAME!!!
I got to meet Donald Duck...I was like OMW!!!
 Then we got to go to Cars Land! I got to meet Mater the Tow truck annnnd I fed him some cotton candy...HAHA!!!
MJ loooooove this place too...she loved the wild rides too.... even the roller coaster...UNTIL I talked her into going on the House of Terror with me...THEN she wouldn't talk to me for like an hour straight after that....I was wow WHAT a party pooper!!! LOLOLOL!!!
I thought my family was kinda ghetto... bringin in snacks to save money...buuuuuut then I found THESE people with a whole Ice chest...I was like WOW...thats AWESOME!!! I wouldn't wanna be the one STUCK carryin that thing around tho!!!
I found this picture and it just CRACKED me up!!! Sooooo MY FAMILY while traveling!!!
I showed my fam and they laughed then My brother's ANNNNND my sis were like, OH look its YOU MARY!!!  (SIBLINGS! They just NEVER can pass up a comment!!!)
THen I got a little excited waiting in line for the Car's racing ride...Ya know...a black and white CAR couple...EVEN Cars can make ME PROUD!!! ;)
IF your EVER in the LA area,..You all also NEED to try this Filipino grill...its soooooooo goood!!!
This is a really good lil Italian Ice Cream shop right near Disney all gotta try it!!!
Sooooo I love wild and cRaZy RIDES!!! My favorite just FUNNNN ride was Soaring over California...Oooo that ride is sooooo AWESOME!!! I get soooo animated during the ride everyone around me was laughing...especially all the Asian people!!! HAHA!!! Then the other just really FUNNNN ride is the Car's Racing ride!!! That was a blast!!! BUUUUUT My favorites were California Screaming and the House of Terror!!!
I think my ABSOLUTE favorite tho out of the two would HAVE to be the house of terror!!! OMW!!! That ride is sooooooo AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! I mean you just DROP!!! Annnnnnd its like the most exhilerating feelin in the world!!! ANNNNNND if you leave your seat belt REALLY loose, you'll be airborne even HIGHER over your seat!!! Ooooo I LOOOOOVE IT!!! When I got off the ride and found my mom and sis I was like SOOOOOOO HYPER!!! I mean I was like jumping up and down and just bouncing off the walls!!! My sister was like...OMW!!! People probabley think your drunk and you havn't even eaten anything today!!! HAHAHAA!!!!
My mom was just like, OH, I do NOT know how you can even consider these rides FUN!!! She is all, giving birth to five kids...NOW THAT WAS FUNNNN!!! I'm like, Okaaaaaaay...I think i'm gonna go find another roller coaster!!!
Annnnnnd THAT was the first part of our trip!!! :)
♥Mary Frances:)